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tourist attractions


Satpura National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh. This park has a unique ecosystem that makes it a popular national park. There is also a tiger reserve inside this national park. You can take Satpura National park jeep safari and Satpura jungle safari inside this national park during summers and winters. Satpura jungle is a scenic park with beautiful vistas, gorges, wildlife, bird species, and diverse ecosystem.

Shaurya Smarak is a war memorial in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It was built in an area of 12.67 acres of land. It is dedicated to army, airforce, and navy officers who lost their lives during the war. Shaurya Smarak is built with a budget of 41 crores. The main attraction of this war memorial is the 62 feet pillar which has inscriptions of the names of the soldiers who lost their lives during the war. Here we will be giving you more other information about the Shaurya Smark Bhopal.

The Lotus temple is built with the Iranian architecture. It is based on the Baha’i Faith and is built on mystical 9 properties of Bahai belief. This monument is spread across 26 acres of land and is surrounded by landscaped gardens. This Lotus temple is one of the best tourist attraction which is located in New Delhi tourism. The lotus temple is made in white marble stone from inside and outside both. It signifies purity, beauty, and tranquility. From an aerial view, it looks like a blooming lotus. People of all religious faith visit this Baha’i lotus temple.