Here We Have 15 Most Livable Cities In The World

The Economic Intelligence Unit has specialists that analyze the political, environmental, and economic status of a country to list it in the most livable countries. They are listed based on stability, culture, infrastructure, facilities, healthcare, education, and many other factors. These are the world’s most livable cities where people have better living conditions and enjoy a good life. Nearly 150 cities are listed by this unit every year in the most livable cities category. We are presenting here the 15 best livable cities in the world They have a low crime rate and high happiness and economic index.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Consistently for two years, Vienna ranks to be the topmost livable city in the world. Since the year 2009, Vienna is listed to be the top-most livable city in the world. Vienna has grandeur all over in art, culture, music, and architecture. On EIU’s index, Vienna scores 99 out of 100 on various factors such as stability, infrastructure, healthcare, safety, numerous green spaces, good air quality, polished housing facilities, and more. They have the cheapest transportation that runs 24×7 throughout the year. It has good water quality and low pollution. Austria is the 14th richest economy in the world.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Over many years Melbourne has been crowned as one of the topmost livable cities in the world. The city provides world-class facilities, fosters creativity and entrepreneurship, has the magical infrastructure, scenic landscapes, incredible culture, sprawling coffee shops, diverse communities, the best education, low crime rates, and plenty of opportunities. It is ranked 98.4 on the EIU index.

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3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has spectacular landscapes, is a heaven for foodies, numerous vineyards, excellent coffee culture, beautiful beaches, green landscapes, excellent weather, infrastructure, and opportunities. It ranks 98.1 on the EIU index and has been ranking on the top charts for a few years. It is an art and cultural hub and heaven for adventure junkies.

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4. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a beautiful city and has a low cost of living. It has great transportation facilities and a well-developed infrastructure for trains and buses. Osaka has a low crime rate and is one of the safest places to live. It has a great food culture and a diverse population. It is suitable for students and foreigners. The art and culture scene is pretty good in this city. It is rated 97.7 on the EIU index.

5. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

For its green environment, culture, infrastructure, rich economy, stability, and the low crime rate is rated amongst the top-most livable cities in the world. It has an EIU index of 97.5 and stands the fifth most livable cities in the world. It offers one of the best education and infrastructure in the world.

6. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has heavenly landscapes and many green spaces. It has spectacular views of the oceans and mountains. It has one of the best public transportation facilities, work cultures, scenic coastlines, and top education. Vancouver ranks 97.3 on the EIU index. It is one of the happiest cities with low crime rate, has excellent parks, beaches, and a good standard of living. It is bike-friendly and rich in art, culture, and education.

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7. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Toronto has excellent education and housing facilities, green spaces, scenic landscapes, and diverse cultures. It has excellent opportunities and an urban neighborhood. This is a city that has diverse cultures, friendly locals, and excellent public transportation facilities. Toronto is also one of the largest cities in Canada with tons of options for music, food, entertainment, and adventure. It is ranked 97.3 on the EIU index.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has the most sophisticated transport systems in the world. It has become one of the most livable cities because of its living conditions, excellent food culture, fast and comfortable trains, places of sightseeing, imperial culture, public parks, and low crime rate. Tokyo ranks 97.2 on the EIU index. It is safe to walk even during the odd hours which makes it one of the most livable cities in the world.

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9. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has excellent infrastructure, housing facilities, numerous international schools, excellent public transportation, rich art, and cultural life, plenty of leisure activities, green spaces, and a safe environment to live. It has a great cycling culture and ranks 96.8 on the EIU index.

10. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide has a low cost of living compared to the big cities in Australia like Sydney, and people are known to have a higher level of eloquence. It has the best public transportation, best beaches, world-class vineyards, many colorful festivals, excellent coffee culture, a place for musical events, football matches, a lot of green landscapes, pandas, and a place for a lot of fun. It ranks 96.6 on the EIU index.

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11. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

This is a hub of art, culture, and is known for its breathtaking landscapes. It has diverse communities, a stable atmosphere, well connected public transportation, international boutiques, and high living. This is one of the financial hubs of the world and considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. It’s a heaven for adventure junkies and a place where people have excellent financial opportunities.

12. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Munich has an excellent public park, scenic landscapes, cosmopolitan culture, excellent education, infrastructure, and a wide range of activities for leisure and entertainment. Known for their beautiful architecture and cultural scene, makes it one of the most livable cities in the world.  It has an excellent education system and is known for its beer culture.

13. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

This is a small city with many lakes, parks, and museums. The standard of living is very high and people get good salaries in the city. This is a friendly and cosmopolitan city in the world. It has a great culture, known for its fondue and chocolate culture. It has idyllic landscapes and is a hub for adventure sports and activities like skiing and other water sports.

14. Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the most livable city in India. It is known for its nightlife, Bollywood, and is one of the safest cities in India for women. Mumbai has well-connected transportation and numerous beaches. It is an art hub and is known as the land of opportunities. The city has a cosmopolitan culture which makes it one of the best places to live in India.

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15. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small European country and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It borders France, Berlin, and Germany. Luxembourg is a land of opportunities and offers many perks to taxpayers. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. It has many pleasing avenues, landscapes, museums, and villages. The entire country is surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

These are the most livable cities in the world as well as India. They are land of opportunities, a hub of art, culture, excellent infrastructure, and a low rate of crime. Most of them have green spaces and are known to have the most scenic landscapes. They have diverse cultures and are known to be one of the friendliest places on Earth.

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