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Singapore city is one of the smallest countries in the world known for clean streets, for its lush green beauty, gardens, a country that has banned chewing gum, skylines, beaches, landscapes, exotic cocktails, nightlife, street food, malls, scenic airport, exotic sightseeing locations, and more. There are many things to do in Singapore, that are unique to this island country that you can explore at your own pace. In Singapore, you can learn to speak Singlish which is Singaporean English. These are the Singapore tourist attractions or you can say Singapore hot spot for tourist that will take your breath away and give you photographic memories of visiting this island country.

Top 20 Place To Visit In Singapore Tourism

  1. Gardens Of The Bay
  2. Singapore Zoo
  3. Sentosa Island Tour
  4.  River Safari Boat Ride
  5. Singapore Zoo Night Safari
  6. Singapore Botanical Gardens
  7. Jurong Birds Park
  8. Marina Bay Singapore
  9. Singapore Flyer
  10. Clarke Quay Singapore Attraction
  11. Little India Singapore
  12. Chinese And Japanese Gardens Singapore
  13. St.John’S And Lazarus Island
  14. National Museum Of Singapore
  15. Orchard Road Singapore Nightlife
  16. Tiger Brewery Tour
  17. The Helix Bridge Singapore
  18. 3D- Art At Trick Eye Museum Singapore
  19. Coney Island Singapore
  20. Tanjong Beach

1. Gardens Of The Bay

Gardens Of The Bay

This garden of Singapore is known for its exotic and heavenly landscape that houses 16 vertical garden with umpteen exotic species of plants, trees, and flowers. Inside gardens of the bay find various sections like the flowers dome, cloud forest for its largest indoor waterfalls, supertree grove that has futuristic trees planted for sustainability, dragonfly and kingfisher lakes, heritage gardens, a world of plants and more. If you love nature, flowers, and foliage this is a place to visit in Singapore tourism. This Singapore attraction has also made it to the Guinness Book of World Records will provide you with a stunning view of various gardens within this location.

Gardens By The Bay Opening Hours

05:00hrs to 02:00hrs

Gardens By The Bay Ticket Price

Adult: $28(Non- residents), $20 (Residents) 

Child: $15(Non- Residents), $12 (Residents)

2. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Place To Visit In Singapore

This zoo is known for its open and large enclosures where animals feel at home and do not feel captive in an enclosed area. You can find nearly 300 species of animals and birds. Inside the zoo, you have wildlife reserve, night safari, river safari, and the Jurong bird park. Also added is a rainforest with lush green and many interesting activities that you can do. You can have breakfast with wild animals in the free range and not held in captivity. This is one of the unique things to do in Singapore attractions, you can feed animals and take tours within the zoo to see various species of wild animals. Find white tigers, zebras, Komodo dragons, orangutans, and more.

Singapore Zoo Opening Hours

08:30hrs to 18:00hrs

Singapore Zoo Ticket

Adults: $33

Child: $22

3. Sentosa Island Tour

Sentosa Island Tour

Siloso beach on Sentosa island where you can have some beach fun. There are many things to do in Singapore tour like you can play beach volleyballs, go kayaking, and beach hiking on this pristine beach with white sand. There is also an underwater aquarium on this beach. The tall statue with the head of a lion and body of a fish called the Merlion is not to be missed. You can take a lift to reach the top of this statue and get a panoramic view of the areas in the vicinity. You can also visit Fort Siloso which is on Sentosa island. Visit the dolphin island to swim with the dolphins and learn more about them. This dolphin island is a popular Singapore hot spot for tourist. Inside the island is also an Adventure Cove Waterpark with fun high-speed water slides. The ticket for adults is $38 and children is $30. You can spend a day on this island and visit various zones for sightseeing, adventure, nature walks, and shopping. This is a must place to visit in Singapore tourism. Things of interest inside Sentosa Island.

  • Universal studios for rides, shows, and various zones like Hollywood, sci-fi, ancient Egypt, etc
  • Ola beach club for sunsets and watersports
  • Pirate boats ride and various adventure tours costing between $30 to $100 on the Palawan island for family and kids
  • Nature and beauty of Butterfly Park with landscape bridges and stunning views for the cost ranging from $10 to $20
  • The Maritime Experiential Museum has many thematic galleries, right from shipwrecks, pirates, and ports.

4. River Safari Boat Ride

River Safari Boat Ride

This is one of the best Singapore attractions.  Here you can view the much celebrated red panda, along with the sighting of 6000 animals and 40 endangered species at this safari park. It also has a freshwater aquarium and costs between $14 to $27 to visit this place. You can spend the whole day at this park taking the view of wildlife. One of the places to visit in Singapore tourism with family and kids and have unlimited fun.

River Safari Singapore Timings

10:00hrs to 19:00hrs

River Safari Singapore Ticket

Adult: $33

Child: $21

5. Singapore Zoo Night Safari

Singapore Zoo Night Safari

This is a nocturnal zoo is Singapore hot spot for tourist, here you can view wild animals at a closer distance. A place to visit in Singapore tourism. This is a 86 acres of animal reserve that houses 2500 animals of 130 species. You can also find endangered species if you are lucky as you take a hike in this nocturnal zoo. You can find animals like tigers, tapirs, leopards, and more.

Night Safari Singapore Timings

19:30hrs to 00:00hrs

Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Adult: $45

Child: $30

6. Singapore Botanical Gardens

Singapore Botanical Gardens

This is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and very common Singapore hot spot for tourist. Take a walk inside this heritage site and visit interior sites like the National Orchid Garden, many tree species, exotic flora and fauna, eco-garden and lake, the bonsai garden, garden sculptures, children’s garden, forest tours, swan lake, sun garden, healing garden, fragrant and symphony gardens, and many more garden and horticulture sites within botanical gardens can be visited. This is a perfect place to visit in Singapore tourism. You can spend an entire day learning about various plant species and taking photographs of various flowers and plant species.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Hours

07:00hrs to 19:30hrs

Singapore Botanic Gardens Entrance Fee

Adult: $5

Child: Free

7. Jurong Birds Park

Jurong Birds Park

Find 5000 bird species in this bird park. Spread across 49 acres of land, separated by different aviaries that made to be a natural habitat for various bird species. You can get a spectacular view of rare bird species and watch many bird shows. Birds like Toucans, pelicans, cockatoos, hornbills, flamingos, loris, penguins, turacos, and more. You can feed birds with hands and get play with them.

Jurong Bird Park Timings

08:30hrs to 18:00hrs

Jurong Bird Park Tickets

Adult: $29

Child: $19

8. Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay is a business and financial center in Singapore popular for its aesthetic architecture. It has options for shopping, luxurious lodging, and hosting events. Esplanade in Marina Bay is popular for live performances and theatres. Marina Bay Sands is a complex that has an infinity pool and gives a panoramic view of the island country. Inside this trade center is also a casino and a park. It houses a  golf course and Grand Prix Formula 1 event are held here. It lies in the heart of Singapore and you can spend all day here.

9. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Closer to the Marina Bay is the Singapore Flyer with Ferris wheel with 28 capsules that are air-conditioned. The best time to board this Ferris wheel is during the sunset to get a panoramic view of the island. At the highest point in the wheel, you can also get the view of not only entire Singapore but also parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Singapore Flyer Timings

08:30hrs to 10:30hrs

Singapore Flyer Price

Adult: $33

Child: $21

10. Clarke Quay Singapore Attraction

Clarke Quay Singapore Attraction

Popular for its waterfront restaurants and cruises, this is a place where you can relax after a day of sightseeing. It has many landmarks and historic bridges that you can take a view of. Bungee-jumping is one of the biggest adrenaline attraction on this spot. Closer to this location is the Asian Civilization Museum, a colorful Buddhist Temple, and a heritage site.

11. Little India Singapore

Little India Singapore

You will not miss India when you visit this part of Singapore. Sprawled with parks, Indian restaurants, markets that sell Indian items, temples of Hindu deities, spices, and all things cultural is what you get in Little India. This is a district in Singapore visited for Indian cuisine, most of which is South Indian cuisine. Every festival of India is celebrated on this streets.

12. Chinese And Japanese Gardens Singapore

Chinese And Japanese Gardens Singapore

These gardens spell tranquility and have a world record of housing offbeat and live specimens of turtles and tortoise in the museum within the garden. You can find pagodas, tea houses, bridges standing on the water bodies giving an impression of imperial China and Japan. One of the beautiful landscapes in which you can take a stroll and spend some time. In the night paper lanterns are lit. This is one of the scenic spots for photography.

Chinese And Japanese Garden Singapore Entrance Fee

Free for everyone

13. St.John’s And Lazarus Island

St.John’s And Lazarus Island

One of the white sandy beaches of Singapore with turquoise blue water. Also, known as Singapore’s best-kept secret, you can spend a quiet time on this beach. Do not forget to pack some snacks, water, and sunscreen as there are no eateries or restaurants on this beach. This is a private beach where you can have some fun and picnic with friends and family.

14. National Museum Of Singapore

National Museum Of Singapore

This museum was built in the 18th century and is one of the oldest museums in Singapore. Find mural paintings and various rooms that depict the history of Singapore through various timelines. Many galleries depict the history of Singapore and its culture through interesting formats of presentation. You can get a picturesque view of presentations as well as a digital presentation of history and culture of Singapore. There are interesting restaurants and shops on the premises of the museum where you can dine and shop.

National Museum Singapore Opening Hours

10:00hrs to 19:00hrs

National Museum Of Singapore Entrance Fee

Adult: $10

Child: $5

15. Orchard Road Singapore Nightlife

Orchard Road Singapore Nightlife

Get some retail therapy and splurge on designer and chic clothing and items on Orchard Road. Spread across this road are many malls and departmental stores. You can also find movie theatres and KTV karaoke. Sprawled across the street are many restaurants that serve international cuisine.

16. Tiger Brewery Tour

 Tiger Brewery Tour

Learn beer making and taste the best beers at Tiger Brewery. Costs only $20 for children, and $25 dollars for adults, this is the place not to be missed by beer lovers. Get on to beer tasting session from a variety of beers and learn the entire process of beer making from scratch.

17. The Helix Bridge Singapore

The Helix Bridge Singapore

This is a splendid bridge with a stunning view that connects Marina Bay and Marine center. This is one of the popular landmarks of Singapore and is built over the Singapore River. The structure of the bridge includes a mesh that is designed in the form of human DNA. During night every day, this bridge is illuminated with many LEDs and gives a stunning view.

Helix Bridge Singapore Ticket Price

No Entrance Fees

18. 3D- Art At Trick Eye Museum Singapore

3D- Art At Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Get the most offbeat photographs at this museum where art exhibits are brought to life. You can click photographs that provide an optical illusion with many special effects that include light and sound. A fun place for youngsters and family to spend an hour or two. Costs only $25 for adult and $20 for children.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore Opening Hours

10:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Trick Eye Museum Singapore Ticket

Adult: $25

Child: $20

19. Coney Island Singapore

Coney Island Singapore

One of the most romantic islands in Singapore that have magpies and robins singing. You can find many birds in the forest, take a stroll in the jungle and spot many species as you can of birds from the 80 species of birds that live here. This island has parks and National Reserves. There no amenities available on this island, and you can spend time biking and take a walk in the mangroves and on the beach.

Coney Island Opening Hours

07:00hrs to 19:00hrs

20. Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Nature and beach lovers who love tranquility, this is a white sandy beach with turquoise water. One of the cleanest beaches with pristine shores. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Closer to the beach are restaurants and eating joints that serve delicious food.

Singapore is one of the most expensive places to live. Known for its business, world records, exotic landmarks and places of sightseeing, you can visit Singapore and experience it on a moderate budget. Choose places that interest you that have a history of culture, cuisine, music, events, and more. Singapore offers you wildlife, chic shopping centers, exotic entertainment, water sports, stunning view, landmarks, and a cultural delight with one of its own kind, a unique experience in your travelogues.

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