Tourist Places To Visit In Kolkata Tourism

Though Kolkata is the foremost trading site for East India Company, the city is also known for rich heritage sites and cultural places. Till now the architecture of the area will give you the same feel of a hundred years ago. Kolkata plays a significant role in history revivalism. There are many world famous places to visit in Kolkata tourism. You can experience the exquisite colonial architecture along with vivid art galleries depicting the West Bengal tradition. The location is spectacular due to the confluence of the Great Himalayas and holy Ganga River at the same point. You will be mesmerized by seeing the lush green scenery with mangroves making the place the most visited tourist places in Kolkata city.

Places To Visit In Kolkata Tourism: Tourist Places In Kolkata

Things To Do In Kolkata City

Kolkata Weather

Kolkata Airport

Places To Visit In Kolkata Tourism: Tourist Places In Kolkata City

1. Victoria Memorial Kolkata West Bengal

Places To Visit In Kolkata Tourism Tourist Places In Kolkata City

The Britishers built the memorial in the remembrance of Queen Victoria for successful completion of 25 years rule in India. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Kolkata and around India. The spectacular features of the site are the brainchild of Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of the area. Another reason why the place is famous is the rich Indo- Saracenic form of style. The illumination at night makes the memorial looks stunning and glorious. One of the best places to visit in Kolkata tourism, a perfect destination for art galleries lovers. It houses the high-end pieces of Jansen and Winter Halter.

Victoria Memorial Timings

10:00hrs to 17:00hrs

Victoria Memorial Ticket Price

Indian: 20INR
Foreigners: 200INR

2. Fort William Fort

Fort William Fort

The magnificent fort in Kolkata City is situated at the banks of River Hooghly which is nothing but Ganga River itself. The place depicted the strong feet of British Raj in India and was named on King William III. There are hundreds of arch like windows and marvelous lush greenery in gardens. The surface floor is brilliantly marbled which took about ten years to complete. The site is also famous as the Blackhole of Calcutta where prisoners were kept during India’s freedom struggle. One of the famous places to visit in Kolkata Tourism. Kolkata city tour cannot be achieved without visiting Fort Williams.

Fort William Kolkata Timings

10:00hrs to 17:30hrs

Fort William Kolkata Entry Fees


3. Belur Math

Belur Math

Belur Math is the site at the western margin of Hooghly River. The total area accounted for this tourist places in Kolkata City is more than 40 acres. It is the place where Ramakrishna Mission by Swami Vivekananda was formalized. It is the center point of Ramakrishna Math. Ramakrishna was the Guru of Vivekananda. People around all over the world visit the place to get the spiritual essence and to revive the teachings of the renowned Guru. The environment here is so peaceful that you will love to do the self-introspection of your soul here. The temple area also encompasses the ancient museum and other educational institutions.

Belur Math Timings

06:00hrs to 11:30hrs and 15:30hrs to 18:30hrs 

4. Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge

The bridge is famous for being one of the longest bridges of Cantilever type in the world; in fact, it is the sixth longest one. The bridge is the meeting point of Howrah and Kolkata. Its dimensions are 1500fr long and 70ft in width. It is also famous with name Rabindra Setu, named on Rabindranath Tagore who was the Nobel Laureate. The bridge is magnificent but apart from that is widely studded with traffic and carries the daily load of almost 100,000 vehicles and numerous pedestrians who visit the place for recreation and also for daily usage. One of the famous places to visit in Kolkata tourism.

While visiting the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata city as a part of Kolkata tourism, you will come across an enjoyable ferry which you can take form the Launch Ghat. You will surely become glad to see the bridge view at night. It is the famous spot for filmmakers to shoot candid scenes of the movies.

5. Indian Museum Kolkata

Indian Museum Kolkata

Indian Museum is the largest museum in the world and also the ninth oldest one across the globe. The museum is known for different activities and was built in 1814. The other famous name of the museum in Kolkata City is “Jadughar.” It is the hub of traditionally painted paintings. The range of pictures and art forms varies from Buddha to Mummy. The ancient sculptures here are genuinely epic in it. Apart from the paintings, there are other distinct art forms which can be an eye tonic while experiencing Kolkata tourism like old age fossils, armors, Mughal paintings, skeletons, and ornaments.

You will be glad to know that the southern part of the museum is nothing but The Government College of Arts and Craft where numerous students get enrolled in learning exquisite art and crafts skills. One of the famous tourist places in Kolkata city especially for art lovers. There are total 35 galleries in the field of Anthropology, Art, Zoology, Botany, Economic Botany and Archaeology.

Indian Museum Kolkata Entry Fee

Indian: 20INR

Foreigners: 500INR

Things To Do In Kolkata City

Things To Do In Kolkata City

Visit Park Street for unlimited shopping. The place is full of diverse things to buy. Some are like jute crafted items, ethnic sarees, traditional sweets, tea and many more. Other than shopping, the site is evergreen for festival celebrations and the view at the time of festivals in excellent.

Nicco Park in Kolkata City is another best recreational spot for you to get refreshed with friends and family by spending the picnic at Water Park. Nicco Park Kolkata Timing 10:30hrs to 19:30hrs

You can spend time at eh Eden Garden, the most panoramic site for visitors. It is a cricket stadium but has successfully conducted cricket matches too.

Kolkata Weather

Kolkata Tourism is growing day by day due to the presence of tropical wet and dry climatic conditions. The weather of Kolkata is moderate. The month of May is always predicted to be the hottest month in Kolkata City. The average temperature in the summers may reach 32 degree Celsius. The icy cold weather is in the first month of the year. As the city is in West Bengal, the monsoon showers high amount of rain. The average rainfall here is 328mm.

Kolkata Airport

The official name of the Airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. It was earlier known as Dum Dum Airport. It is renamed to commemorate the great leader in India’s struggle for Independence. The place carries the most significant air route traffic in eastern India. The Airport in Kolkata City is ranked fifth among busiest airport in India. Recently Airport Council International awarded it the best-improved airport in the Asia Pacific region.

You can upgrade your traveling experience by adding Kolkata City as your next travel destination. Once visited, it will become your one of the unforgettable journey lifelong.

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