Kerala, The State Of Delicious Cuisine

Flanked by the Arabian Sea in the West, the towering Western Ghats in the East and networked by 44 interconnected waterways, Kerala is honored with a different set of topographical features that have made it one of the most sought after visitor destinations in Asia. A large shoreline with calm beaches, tranquil reaches of jewel backwaters, lush hill stations, and extrinsic wildlife, are just a few of the miracles that await you once you crossover to the other side. And what’s further, each of these charming destinations is only a two-hour ride from the other – a singular advantage no other area on the asteroid can offer.

Kerala prides itself for being the flag messenger for not just how culture can appreciate its past but also march forward with growth & development as well. Hundred percent education, world-class health care policies, India’s lowest newborn mortality and highest life anticipation rates are among a few of the milestones that the people of the state are remarkably proud of.

1. Kerala Cuisine An Overview

Kerala Cuisine An Overview

One of the traditional food of Kerala is vegetarian and is known as the Kerala Sadya, which is an elaborate banquet made for festivals and celebrations. A full-course of Sadya, which consists of rice with about twenty various attributes and desserts are the ceremonial meal of Kerala eaten ordinarily on celebratory occasions including marriages and in the celebration Onam and Vishu. It is subserved on a plantain leaf.

Because of its rich trading culture, over time various cuisines have compounded with indigenous Kerala dishes with international dishes modified to local tastes. Coconuts grow in affluence in Kerala, so grated coconut and coconut milk are generally used for thickening and flavoring. Kerala’s endless coastline and numerous rivers have pointed to a strong fishing enterprise in the region, making seafood common part of Kerala meals. Rice is produced in abundance along with tapioca. It is the principal starch ingredient used in Kerala’s food.

Having been a principal production area of spices for thousands of years, the region makes repeated use of black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, and cinnamon. Kerala food items also have a kind of breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, appam, idiyappam, puttu, and pathiri.

Several of Kerala’s Hindus, excluding certain communities and ovolo vegetarians, feed fish and chicken. Some inhabitants, on another hand, are famed for their vegetarian cuisine consisting of milk and dairy-based dishes, uniquely different kinds of sambar and rasam. In most Kerala families, a standard meal consists of rice, fish, and vegetables. Beef, as opposed to the outlook of the remaining Indian society, also plays a famous role in Kerala cuisine. The meat is emphasized in Hindu, Christian and Islamic communities of Kerala.

So, for all those who believe that Kerala food is all about idlis and dosas, you’re in for a shock. Our Kerala food items list and Kerala food photos will clearly clutch your attention. Come over to this attractive coastal town and luxuriate in the best gastronomic adventures that probably won’t let you leave.

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2. Popular Vegetarian Dishes In Kerala Food

As a said beginning, most of the vegetarian recipes in Kerala food have coconut or milk in some kind in them. They greatly enhance the qualities of the following dishes:-

2.1 Puttu and Kadala Curry

As cute as its title sounds, Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake prepared with coconut shavings and a popular breakfast recipe out of the many Kerala dishes. This is an extremely common breakfast item and staple food of Kerala. This Kerala food item is normally served with Kadala curry which is actually black chickpeas but can be eaten in whichever way it perceives good.

2.2 Appam WithIshtu (Stew)

Appam WithIshtu (Stew)

Ask anybody from Kerala what their favorite recipe is from back home and they will swear by appam and stew! I think it’s verified for them to do so because appam is just something that seems to be a change in the food world. It is a staple component of Kerala cuisine prepared from fermented rice flour, coconut milk, coconut water, and a teensy bit of sugar, Appam is basically a thin rice pancake with a soft and thick center and a crispy edge outside. No matter what you eat it with, appam will improve that dish’s flavor value beyond a hundred! However, it is normally joined with a southern technique stew where chunks of any kind of meat are smothered in a silky, rich, creamy coconut curry which will leave you sad when it finishes.

2.3 Idiyappam


Idiyappam, famous food of Kerala, is basically made of rice flour, water, and salt. It is also known as Noolappam in Kerala cuisine. Numerous strands of vermicelli are twisted together to make this version of appam, which is main food of Kerala. This Kerala dish can be paired with any curry and still perceive great.

2.4 Erissery (Pumpkin And Lentil Stew)

Erissery (Pumpkin And Lentil Stew)

Filled with healthy elements of gram and pumpkin, is one of the traditional dishes in Kerala. It is typically cooked by boiling lightly sweet pumpkins with salt, chilies or pepper, dried lentils, grated coconut, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, and garlic, and is subserved on a bed of rice once cooked for a better experience. The mixture of coconut and other spices (cumin, turmeric, etc) along with the vegetables is marvelous. Erissery is one of the principal side dish (kootan) served in Sadhya.

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2.5 Sadya


Sadya is the chief of all-vegetarian Kerala food. It is also a traditional authentic Kerala meal. Sadhya is subserved with rice and 12-20 dishes in a green plantain leaf. The most famous festival in Kerala Onam is unfinished without this traditional meal. The side platters are collectively called as Kootan and the traditional rice as Choru. Achar(pickle), puliinji (ginger-tamarind paste), pappadam, pazham (banana), kayyavarathathu (banana chips), moru (buttermilk) and parippu (dal and ghee paste) are different dishes served with Kootan. Kootan varies in formation and flavor. Sadya is prepared and subserved during spiritual and ceremonial occasions like festivals, weddings, and more. The preparations for Sadhya is simple Kerala famous food and so it is the most accepted meal for weddings and other celebrations in Kerala.

2.6 Malabar Parota

This is a mouth-watering square food beginning from the Malabar region of the coast. It has a flaky, crispy and crumbly taste which melts in your mouth and leaves behind a sweet yet delicious taste. It is an all-time love among all age groups.

2.7 Idli Sambar


Perhaps the most common among Kerala food, idli sambar are fondly eaten in not just all families in Kerala, but everywhere else in India. Its taste is awesome. The ideal mixture of fermented rice cakes and a deliciously tangy curry of aromatic spices and vegetables like lentils. Apart from being a favorite of foodies for its flavor, idli sambar is also universally accepted for the health and fitness benefits it bears.

2.8 Dosa Ghee Roast With Kerala Style Sambar

Dosa Ghee Roast With Kerala Style Sambar

Listed among the ‘World’s 50 Most Delightful Foods’, dosa and sambar in Kerala cuisine make up for a dangerous combination. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is first cooked to completeness in pure ghee and then roasted till it gets as crisp as it can. It is, no doubt, the best food in Kerala district.

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3. Non-Vegetarian Dishes In Kerala Cuisine

Kerala is a paradise for non-vegetarian food lovers because of its growing fishing industry, making seafood a usual part of meals here:-

3.1 Chatti Pathiri

With relations to Italian dish lasagna, ChattiPathiri is layered pastry mostly made in Northern Malabar region of Kerala. This sweet is composed of flour, egg, and oil and particularly seasoned with cardamom and other spices along with nuts and dry fruits. The filling is the most beneficial part of these sugary Kerala dishes. You’ll definitely forget your western variants of crepe pancakes and pastries once you bite and crunch into this one. It is, no doubt, one of the healthiest food to eat in Kerala. One of the major course prepared at the end of the Ramadan fasting period.

3.2 Erachi Varutharacha Curry (Fried-Ground Mutton Curry)

ErachiVarutharacha Curry (Fried-Ground Mutton Curry)

The king of non-vegetarian Kerala food procedures, ErachiVarutharacha is incredible to be on the menu of any of the restaurant’s food in Kerala. It is a fabulous food of Kerala, basically of the Syrian Christian community.

Luxuriate in the marinated beef in roasted coconut sauce, especially the chipped coconut which is delicious. ErachiVarutharacha curry, which is a cuisine in Kerala, could be served with Puttu and Appam. Truly all of them is a finger-licking combo.

3.3 Naadan Kozhi Curry

NaadanKozhi Curry

The red spicy Kerala chicken curry is an excellent blend of spices and meat. If you are hardcore non-vegetarian then definitely try it. Served with onion, spices, garlic, and vinegar on a banana leaf, NadanKozhiVaruthathu is grilled chicken made with a generous volume of spices. You can have NaadanKozhi curry with almost anything plain rice, ghee rice, pulao, biryani, naan, pathiri, chapati and even with a slice of bread. It is the best dish for mouth-watering. Have NadanKozhiVaruthathu on your next journey to Kerala and you’ll forget KFC for sure.

3.4 Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery Biryani

The famous cuisine from Thalassery food items the northernmost town in Kerala is a unique biryani with relishing aroma and taste. Made of Kaima or biryani rice, genuine masala made of specific spices and dry nuts and stuffed meat, this dish is made especially during the festival of Eid in Malabar region of Kerala. The dish is especially appreciated with curd, lime pickle (Narangaachar) and salad. One can experience the taste of Chicken 65 or Chilly Chicken Stir Fry with a magnificent platter of Kozhikode or Thalassery Biryani for the final biryani experience.

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3.5 Kerala Style Fish Molee

Kerala Style Fish Molee

For a land encircled by the sea, fish should be the most appropriate dish. This Kerala Cuisine has that unique something. Lightly fried fish made into a casserole in an earthen pot has to taste good no matter what. As general, it is made in coconut milk and kokum and spices like turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, and cloves along with fresh green chilies to give it a tangy flavor. The fish is normally a kingfish or a seer fish. Nevertheless, it is compelled to leave you salivating. All seafood fans must try this dish at least once in their life to take the idea of fine dining to a whole new level.

3.6 Naadan Beef Fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry

 Naadan Beef Fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry

This delicious Kerala food dish in a lot of ways represents what Kerala is. Kerala is possibly the only place in India where you can still eat beef without any restrictions or guilt. Naadan Beef is among the most famous Kerala dishes that are either roasted or cooked in the thick sauce. The paralyzing feelings of this dish will make it extremely difficult to fall out of love with this place and with what it has to offer to its guests. The dish is covered with curry leaves, ginger garlic paste and mustard leaves handsomely. Beef lovers here’s another marvelous reason for you to jump to Kerala.

 3.7 Kerala Prawn Curry

If you are in Kerala and you miss out on the extraordinary prawn curry, then your trip will remain unfinished. It’s marvelous how simple components in a dish come together to make something so beautiful. This traditional prawn curry is moistened with chili, salt, pepper and then dipped in lots of coconut milk, jaggery and then finally completed with curry leaves. The natural coconut (in all its kinds) notches up the dish to another level on a whole.

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4. Popular Desserts In Kerala Cuisine

These lip-smacking desserts will overpower you to go into the kitchen and mix something up for yourself. You have to try these delicious sweet surprises pronto:-

4.1  Banana fritters

Banana fritters

Pazham Pori or EthakkaAppam is delicious banana fritters that are a favorite tea time snack in the households of Kerala. They are the ideal example of simple goodness. Ripe bananas covered in plain flour and deep-fried in oil and serve as an essential part of Kerala cuisine. Make sure you don’t leave Kerala without judging some of these with your dose of evening tea or coffee. It is the most popular Kerala evening time snacks.

4.2 Ada Pradhaman

Very delicious dessert with spices and nuts, Ada Pradhaman is the king of delicious kheers in Kerala. With a sunny and pleasant aroma, this payasam or kheer is a different blend of thick coconut milk, jaggery, and baked rice Ada. It is the favorite dessert in the list of Kerala food and especially served at the end of a Sadhya as a dessert. One spoonful is all you need to fall in love with it.

4.3 Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam: kerala food


A classical dessert, made during the festival of Onam or any other occasion is a simple rice dessert or kheer, made in almost all the families across Kerala. The most authentic variant of this Kerala food dish is made out of rice Ada (which is easily accessible in any Keralite grocery store), sugar, milk, and ghee. After all, any particular occasion is unfinished without the beloved payasam.

4.4 Coconut Toddy

Coconut Toddy

Kallu or coconut toddy is an exotic drink made from tender coconut in Kerala. It is of two taste kinds sour and sweet. The sweet Kallu is very much refreshing while the locals dissolve it to make arrack or the sour Kallu (around 8% alcohol content) which is alike to the North Indian drink ‘Bhang’. The local prepare vinegar, palm jaggery, and yeast from this palm toddy. If you are touring Kerala, try watching the local extracting toddy from the coconut tree. It would be a very exciting experience.

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5. Frequently Asked Questions About Kerala Cuisine

Q. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Snacks From Kerala?

Sweet and savory, Kelara has a variety of snacks that have stood the test of time and have remained a hot favorite among generations. The best part about these snacks is that they have maintained the genuine recipes over time and are still widely loved and popular among the present age of Malayalis who grew up savoring them in their homes during their childhood. Here are 10 of the most favorite snacks that are liked by Malayalis as well as visitors from abroad.

Pazham Pori (Banana Fritters), Banana chips, Uzhunnuvada, Unnakaya, Achappam, ChattiPathiri, Kumbilappam, Neyappam, Unniyappam, and Ela Ada.

Q. What Is Special About Kerala Food?

Kerala is the ‘land of spices’ popular in a variety of tasty and yummy recipes which is healthy and rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

Coconuts grow in abundance in Kerala so it used as the main element in their courses, which made foods tastier. Coconut kernel, coconut cream, and coconut milk are widely used in courses for thickening and flavoring.

Kerala’s food variety best classified on the basis of the various communities Hindu, Christian and Muslim.

Q. Why Does The Drinking Water Of Kerala Appear Pink?

The drinking water served at the many restaurants, hotels, and even homes in Kerala is the essential warm water of light reddish is boiled water. Boiled water means water boiled with a piece of rosewood. Locally it is known as Pathimukham. The rosewood water is good for the body. It has benefits like it relieves depression, antiseptic, boosts memory, is anti-bacterial and acts as a stimulating substance. Usually in Kerala all family use rosewood powder in boiling water, it gives a tendency to drinking water.

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