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The Mysore Palace in Karnataka is built in the Indo-Saracenic style and is also known as the Amba Vilas Palace. It was the place of residence of the Royal family of the Wodeyar Dynasty. Mysore Palace was built during the 14th century and later many additions were built. It is also known as ‘The City of Palaces.’ This palace has splendid architecture, interiors, and grandeur. And this is one of the biggest and one of the most opulent palaces in India.

  1. History Of Mysore Palace
  2. Architecture Of Mysore Palace
  3. Facts And Features Of Mysore Palace
  4. Best Time To Visit Mysore Palace
  5. Mysore Palace Location
  6. Mysore Palace Images

1. History Of Mysore Palace

History Of Mysore Palace

This palace was the residence of the Royal family and their descendants from the Wodeyar Dynasty. It was built between the end of the 13th century. The Royal families resided inside this palace for 600 years till the day of Indian Independence. When a part of the older palace was burnt in the fire, in the 18th century it was redesigned and restored. This palace is now converted into a museum. This was also the summer palace of Tipu Sultan.

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2. Architecture Of Mysore Palace

Architecture Of Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace is built in the blend of various architectural styles comprising of India, Rajput, Muslim, and Gothic style. This is a three-storeyed palace that has marble domes. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It has a doll pavilion where dolls from different eras are displayed. Inside the palace, there are many secret tunnels that lead to Srirangapatna and many other places.

The Durbar Hall is the reception hall where the king used to address his people. It is highly decorated with decorative and carved arches and pillars. The hall has pink and turquoise columns with golden hues painted on these columns.

The Amba Vilas is one of the most spectacular rooms to be visited because gold was used to decorate the columns. The stained glass ceiling inside this room is a masterpiece that provides a breathtaking view of the intricate artistic works. On the ceiling, there are steel grills and chandeliers. It has opulent decor and ivory inlays and is one of the most beautifully decorated rooms in the palace that spells grandeur.

Kalyana Mandapa is the marriage hall inside the palace and is octagonal in shape. It has decorative columns and a domed ceiling. Within this hall, there are many peacock motifs. The walls in this hall are decorated and have many paintings that depict the Dussehra festival.

This is the palace that faces the Chamundi Hills and has 12 temples within the palace complex. There are many private and public halls within the palace that have gold and many other artistic masterpieces. There is also a wedding hall inside the palace that is octagon in shape. The ceiling of the palace has intricate artwork.

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3. Facts And Features Of Mysore Palace

Facts And Features Of Mysore Palace

  • The original palace was built in wood was burnt down in the 18th century and rebuilt in the 19th century.
  • British architect Henry Irwin rebuilt the palace in the blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic style of architecture.
  • The palace is converted to a museum that has souvenirs, displays the clothes, weapons, and other items of the royal family, jewelry, and many other items.
  • The Royal throne within the palace is carved in gold and has intricate artwork.
  • This Royal throne is displayed during the Dussehra festival.
  • Sound and light show is conducted within the palace on all days except Sundays and public holidays.

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4. Best Time To Visit Mysore Palace

Best Time To Visit Mysore Palace

Dussehra is the best time to visit the palace to witness the grand festival. The palace is beautifully lit during this festival and gives a splendid look in its grandeur.

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5. Mysore Palace Location

6. Mysore Palace Images

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