Kanchenjunga Trek and Mount Everest Base Camp Info

Straddling the fringe among Nepal and Sikkim (India) at a stunning tallness of 8,568 m (28,110 ft), the sacrosanct Kanchenjunga is the third most astounding mountain on Earth. Mount Everest is still on the top of the list. Trekking in Nepal and Sikkim can help you reach on the top of mountains. Bordered toward the south by lavish brushing pastures and eminent rhododendron timberlands, the striking snow-clad massif of Kanchenjunga is the star of a portion of the Himalaya’s most capturing scenes. These Kanchenjunga Base Camp and Mount Everest base camp plays an important role here.

Kanchenjunga Mountain

The Kanchenjunga summit is located at a height of 8,568 meters above sea level. The mountain lies between Sikkim and Nepal and is basically located in the northeastern area of trekking in Nepal. It is also known as ‘Five Treasures of  World’ due to its five peaks with three of the five peaks that are middle, central and south is directly on the border and remaining two in the Nepal Table Jung district. The normal temperature in winters here can drop down to -15 and can pose difficulty for the traveler.

The first attempt to reach Kanchenjunga Summit was made in the year 1955 when two British people succeeded in climbing it without hassles. An ideal place to undertake trekking in Nepal is done as this place is having a lush green natural beauty which looks awesome and beautiful. One feels like connected to nature. Kanchenjunga Climbing is generally done in a large number in comparison to that of Mount Everest since the trek is much more easy for the traveler traveling in.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

Trek through remote towns and underneath pinnacles of overpowering excellence and scale as you advance toward Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Catch perspectives of the notable top from our extraordinary Sikkim Bhutan Trek or East Himalayan Kingdoms schedule, or find the Kanchenjunga locale’s stunning view under the pinnacle’s tremendous north face on the Kanchenjunga Exploratory—the invigorating first phase of the Great Himalaya Trail, the world’s longest and most astounding snow capped trekking trail. The beautiful journey to the two most famous mountains begins from the borderline of India and Nepal.

The only difference is that to be on the Kanchenjunga Summit, one travels in India while going up to Mount Everest, one has to take up a journey in a different country as the traveler treks maximum part in Nepal as they reach the highest mountain in the world “The Mount Everest”.

Mount Everest

The climate of Everest is always varied. the average warm day temperature is about minus 19 degrees Celsius that is in July and in January minus 36 degrees Celsius which can drop down to minus sixty-degree celsius, the best month to climb a mountain is April to May before the monsoon. Tenzing Norgay was the first men to reach this mount, Everest. Mostly climbers opt for two routes that are southern route via Khumbu icefall and  South col.the east face of Mount Everest is rarely climbed because of the possibilities of avalanche is more and can due to the rough path.

Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest base camp is nothing less than a Journey. Basecamp is basically the welcome zone for Mount Everest, as one can experience the harshness as one can experience on the journey ahead. One has to be quirky enough so that they can finish their food fast, wash their clothes and manage them to dry along with taking a nap in death silence murmurs. All of this only enhances, as you travel ahead.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp and Mount Everest base camp are all famous to grab attraction. You can find Media Journalists, here along with people trying in activities but the real fight begins here, as the next level is Icefall which awaits everyone willing to trek on Mount Everest with surprises at every step you take.

The Route To Mount Everest


This place is like an immense awfulness chamber at an entertainment mecca. Just this one is without a doubt. There are innumerable unnerving things that can occur here. A chasm may open under you. An ice-zenith can fall over you. The whole zone can crumple. It is essentially not a place for a cookout and the greater part of us simply focus on leaving as fast as we can so that you can survive on the trek.

The Camp Way To The Summit

Trekking in nepal

There are in total of 5 Mount Everest base camp which one has to go through before they reach the summit of Mount Everest. All 5 camps are different from each other and pose different challenges to the visitors. Camp 1 is called the valley of silence, Generally, one tends to consider this as the Camp 1 after they cross the Icefall section. The valley of silence is all packed with deep ice and murmuring sound of your tents which can horrify some travelers to Mount Everest.

The next camp, on the way, is the Rocky patch, which is actually the foothill of the Lhotse wall. The place is the most scenic place on the journey of Mount Everest, Clouds pass by you and you can’t escape the mixture of feelings, such as joy, gay and horror as the next camp can only be reached after a distance of 17000m from there. There are many camps on the journey to the summit of Mount Everest, which one can enjoy wholeheartedly if they can bear with the weather and the steepness of mountains and ridges.

Things Which You Need To Take Care When On The Journey To Mount Everest

  • In the Kanchenjunga base camp prepare yourself mentally to take up the journey to the summit.
  • While trekking in Nepal, pack your bag light as one should have enough space to carry oxygen cylinder too.
  • Check on with expenses as traveling to the summit or trekking in Nepal require proper certification from authorities which may require money.
  • You will definitely get Wi-fi at the maximum part as you travel to Mount Everest, so don’t waste time and money looking for devices.
  • Count on Medicines which reduces the anxiety of altitude.

One has to keep in mind, that trekking in Nepal, let it be traveling to the summit of either Mountain is definitely not something one can take up just for fun. The Mountain is packed with dangerous routes, steep treks and much more which surprises the travelers even to the death. Climbers take utmost care as they return down after winning the summit, reason being, the energy is exhausted and one does not have enough courage to take through the steep ridges and turns of the mountain, that is why the number of deceased travelers is higher here than the one who takes the track to the summit.

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