Best Vodka Brands to Sip In Your Next Party

It is often stated that vodka is bland, but hold on this is just a myth or a statement that is a half-truth. The best-tasting vodkas are also available, and they are diverse in taste.

If you have a question in your mind, “is there a difference between vodkas?” then the answer is affirmative. Some vodka is light and crisp, few are sweet and fruity, and some may be strong like a nail polish remover. But all are worth trying and drooling over.  One may be very happy with their old brand of vodka and consider it to be the best vodka, but then trying new brands can prove to be a great decision. The simple answers to the most frequently asked question “what is the best vodka?” is “whatever soothes you.”

Vodka is a versatile drink, and it is supposed to be clean and clear, contains basic components of Ethanol and water. Vodka is a neutral spirit which doesn’t have any taste. Good vodka is one that you can enjoy and value.  This article deals with the extensive collection of best vodka brands on the basis of vodka prices, base grains, texture, and taste. These brands are top brands in the world to try in no particular order.

Reyka Vodka

This is the show stealer vodka. Initially, you may give it a pause after trying it for once, but then the down notes of this vodka is light and will be liked by you. It has light, minty, and cucumber flavors and is near to Gin. The taste is apt and fresh, which will refresh you. This Icelandic brand is trendy, popular, and known for its purity and uniqueness.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

You probably familiar with the Absolut Vodka which received its all fame from its crazy successful marketing campaigns. It is a well know vodka brand all over the world. It is clean tasting vodka which is distilled from winter wheat. Absolute is a quality product which has best of the flavours and is mostly inspired from homemade infusions.

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka

Owned by Diageo, Smirnoff is largest vodka in the world. It has a classic smooth taste, and banks on the reputation of being pure. Usually Smirnoff is distilled 3 times to produce a purer spirit which is smoother on the palate. It is a grain based classic vodka, which tend to smooth and fruity.

Ketel One

Ketel One

It is the best vodka that has the most balanced taste. The taste is smooth, balanced, and has a good texture. It will help you if you have a cough and cold. It may give you heat on the nose, but then it immediately balances it with a botanical finish. Ketal one consistently appears in the global top 10 lists by many experts. Decently priced you must try this vodka.



Versatile and smooth are the words to describe this vodka. This inexpensive vodka has a very distinct taste. It has soft and light citrus notes with a fond unctuous texture. If this vodka is blended with other drinks, the result will be a great cocktail, like the vodka martini with a twist.

Aylesbury Duck Vodka

Aylesbury Duck Vodka is of Canadian origin. It comes with a cute little bottle, which looks very attractive. It has a peppery white finish and can be available in all cocktail bars. It is a great option to be mixed with other drinks like the savory Bloody Marys.

Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairie is the most desired one because of being organic from America. It has brown notes like that of cooked barley and has a round smell. In the glass, it has a very crisp and zesty taste that makes it a great option to be combined with vodka soda.

VDKA 6100

VDKA 6100

Distilled from whey this vodka from New Zealand has a light, silky texture with a warm fresh and finish. It tastes pure and natural and not synthetic, and this makes it so desirable. This has a subtle yet remarking taste and thus makes a great companion for the vodka soda or the Martini.

Woody Creek Reserve

Creamy and smooth, this vodka from Colorado has its fantastic taste and needs nothing with it. Serve it just over ice with lemon wedges in a chilled glass and enjoy the bliss of this drink. Made from Polish heirloom potatoes called Storba that is available only once a year. The woody creek is unusual as it is not filtered even once. This vodka has not been filtered and thus has fuller unctuous quality and is superior to most of the similar vodka available in the market.

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora

Its bottle is different, and so is the content in it. It has an unremarkable tint in the first tone followed by the zesty, citrusy palate. Coming from Canada, this drink has a long finish that is approved by all. It has its unique taste, but when combined with other beverages or soda, the result is a great cocktail, that is worthy of its price.

Chopin Single Style Young Potato Vodka

It is vintage dated vodka made from the only single ingredient that is low starch Denar potatoes from Krzesk, Poland in Chopin’s super single premium line. They are distilled just once it has bright and fruity flavor but in a very balanced way. Have it as it is and do not mix it with any other drink or soda as it will destroy the essence this drink has.  Take it straight and experience its unique flavor.

Barr Hill Vodka

Barr Hill is very surprising vodka. It has a varied taste right from vanilla to honey this spirit is full of surprises. It is distilled from raw Vermont honey. It has a balanced taste, which makes it a great option to mix it in other cocktails. This spirit takes your drinks to another level and energizes you.

Jean-Marc Xo Vodka

Coming from Cognac in France, this spirit is distilled with nine times copper Alambic stills. It has light floral notes in the beginning and ends with a smooth, creamy note. It is a handcrafted delicacy and something you need to try before your big occasions.

Carbonadi Vodka

This vodka will redefine luxury for you. It is just not vodka but a power pack of luxury packed in a bottle. It has a clean, clear nose and zesty taste. Coming from Piemonte (Italy), it is a drink to be savored. It has herbal flavors in it and is crisp with immense zesty clarity. Well, it is luxury as it is made with a unique process of production. Made from organic wheat, distilled five times, and filtered using carbonados or black diamonds. What else one could desire for after sipping it.

Fair Quinoa Vodka

Quinoa’s gives absolute delight by just holding the little bottle of it. It has steak and sizzle all in one with base grain quinoa, and the taste is a delight. It is fresh and has a floral essence to it. It gives you a crisp and refreshing palate and is liked by the majority of the drinkers for its unique combination.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose

If you are looking for best tasting vodka then Grey Goose is right for you. It is considered as one of the most expensive Vodka brand. This French vodka to date continues to be the most loved one and is a reliable seller. It is a light, clean nose that has no strong odor and gives delightful heat in the palate. Importantly it comes in a white colored bottle, and the bottle itself gives you calm and serene feel just like the vodka itself. It is light and decent, but then it is definitely not water.

Boyd And Blair Potato Vodka

Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka is a small batch vodka from America. It has full body character and is made from the fully-grown potatoes of Pennsylvania. It gives you a clean nose along with a smooth and balanced finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the healthiest vodka brand?

Absolut, Smirnoff, Ketel one, are some of the healthiest Vodka Brands.

Is there a difference between vodkas?

Vodka really doesn’t have any distinct taste; the only difference one can get is the texture on the tongue.

What are some top-shelf vodkas?

Reyka Vodka, Grey Goose, Diva Vodka, Charbay, Zyr

What’s the best vodka to drink straight?

KU:L Vodka

Is Absolut vodka good?

Yes, Vodka drinkers find Absolut good and reliable vodka. It has a clean taste.

What is a good mix of vodka?

You can mix Soda Water, Lemon-Lime Soda, Red Bull, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, etc.

What is the best vodka for the price?

Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Ketel, Zyr, Stolichanaya Vanil.

How old is Grey Goose vodka?

Around 20 years old.

Which one is Gluten Free Vodka?

Tito’s handmade vodka is entirely gluten-free.

Is tequila and vodka are same thing?

Tequila and vodka are two different drinks. Tequila is basically from agave plant, while vodka is made from neutral grains.

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