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Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms Among all the major and metropolitan cities in India, Chennai occupies a curious and interesting place for tourist in the hearts and minds of people who are aware and have experienced the incomparable vibe and also the aura that permeates throughout this city. Informally, Best Place To Visit Around Chennai is also referred to as the “health capital of India”. It has won this significant title owing to a large number of tourists who have a primary motivation to improve their mental and physical health while visiting the city. Additionally, the atmosphere and the environment around this major city is significantly better owing to fewer emissions and a lesser concentration of humanity within its limits.

Regarded as the southern center of the country, Chennai boasts the reputation of being an attractive tourist place in Chennai for people hailing from all parts of the country, even seeing a significant influx of tourists from countries abroad. The city, with its close proximity to the Bay of Bengal, generally experiences a warm and coastal climate all year round, which is true also for the entire region. The status of being a highly attractive tourist place in Chennai is also reinforced by the rich cultural and historical heritage the entire region collectively has, which it has in spades.

10 Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms:

  1. Tourist place in Chennai: Mahabalipuram
  2. Kanchipuram
  3. Tirupati
  4. Pondicherry
  5. Vellore
  6. Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls
  7. Ramapuram
  8. Nagarhole National Park
  9. Annamalai Tiger Reserve
  10. Rameswaram

10 Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms:

1. Tourist place in Chennai: Mahabalipuram

Situated at a paltry distance of 58 kilometers from the city, this UNESCO-recognized world heritage site is perhaps the most iconic and popular tourist place Chennai in the entirety of Southern India. The place has a great historical significance as it was established and functioned as the capital of the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram. Nowadays, the main point of attraction for tourists are the antiquated temples and also the structures which boast perhaps the greatest collection of a kingdom’s heritage in the form of pristinely preserved sculptures and murals that sparks and lights the wonder and imagination within a visitor’s mind.

2. Interesting Tourist place in Chennai: Kanchipuram

Interesting Tourist place in Chennai: Kanchipuram

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Approximately at a distance of 75 kilometers from the city, you shall find Kanchipuram-another historically significant place that has become one of the most must-see tourist places in Chennai in Southern India. A humungous majority are attracted towards this place owing to the presence of the famous and historically iconic Kailsanathar temple which was constructed and finished during the reign of the inimitable Pallava Dynasty. This place also contains another famous and widely known temple known as Kamakshi Amman Temple while also being famed nationally and internationally as the origin of the incomparable Kanchivaram sarees.

3. Best Places To Visit In Around Chennai: Tirupati

Another religiously and historically significant place is the popular and ancient tourist destination of Tirupati. Situated at an approximately 134 kilometers away from Chennai directly within the state of Andhra Pradesh, the name “Tirupati” is also synonymous with “Tirumala”, which is a town of extremely ancient and busy temple town built with devotion and dedication to the ancient deity known as Lord Venkateswara. Along with this famous site, there is also a host of other landmarks that make Tirupati one of the must-see places like Varahswami, Tiruchanur, and the ISKCON Lord Krishna temples among many others.

4. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Pondicherry

This city located at an approximate distance of 160 km is also known as the “French Riviera of the East” and it is owing to the French colonists who made this place inhabitable and so beautiful to visit in the first place. The French Quarter is one of the most recognized and well-known places to visit in this coastal city. Another significant and historical place to visit is Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram which was set up all the way back in 1926 and still acts as a haven for lost and drifting souls roaming all over the country.

5. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Vellore

Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Vellore

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Famously given the epithet of the Fort City of Tamil Nadu, this tourist place in Chennai happens to be a perfect weekend getaway for the citizens and tourists of the region. The Vellore Fort is the star attraction of this place, being both historically and culturally indispensable while also retaining much of the scenic and aesthetic value. The fort also houses the Jalakanteswera Temple and the must-see and epically profound State Government Museum.

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6. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls

 A much-need break from all those temples and religious connotations associated with the previously mentioned places. This scenic and all natural paradise for people looking for extending solitude. And a good amount of exercise as there is a hike of around 10 kilometers in order to reach the namesake waterfall. It is a great place for adventure as part of a group as it involves. The complete immersion and interaction with the aspects of nature at hand.

7. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Ramapuram

Just a few kilometers outside of Chennai, This is also an attractive tourist place in Chennai. Which has consistently seen a steady influx of steady tourists from all over the country. And the world owing largely to the presence of the famous Snake Park which serves as an interesting and out-of-the-way tourist spot. It is a haven for almost every type of snakes and other unique reptiles from all over India. Additionally, there is this place known as St. Thomas Mount which serves as a fantastic hilly location with a great view of the entire countryside.

8. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Nagarhole National Park

This tourist place in Chennai is enriched with natural flora and fauna. And it is considered as one of the World Heritage Sites branded by UNESCO as an integral part of the Western Ghats. Additionally, this national park also contains a healthy concentration of varied. Wildlife like tigers, elephants, Indian bison etc.

9. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Annamalai Tiger Reserve

Previously known as the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. This is one of the oldest and most prominent tiger reserves in India. This forest had been declare as such in order to counter the dwindling flora and fauna. Including the Tigers for which it was chiefly known at the time. Now, with the rejuvenation efforts at full swing. This tourist place in Chennai has witnessed a healthy comeback both in terms of wildlife and tourists.

10. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms: Rameswaram

 This is a small town which is righteously famous both for its shoreline beauty. As well as some key mystical overtones associated with this place. It is situated in the Pamban Island which is connected to the entire Indian subcontinent through the Pamban Bridge. Often regarded as one of the holiest places to visit in India. Rameswaram temple attracted an innumerable number of visitors every year.

To visit and experience all of these landmark places within the duration of a single tour is nigh impossible. Some of these are located just too far away from Chennai in order to cover ground. However, it is a prevalent thought that this is what makes. The entire extent area such a hotbed of constant tourist activities. The places and landmarks that have been enumerating. And discuss points in the above section all serve to embolden. And signify the importance of such a place both from a cultural and tourism standpoint. They are all interesting and iconic places that one must visit at least once in his/her lifetime. And as such experience the rich and tumultuous history of this coastal region. This article has been compiled keeping in mind the benefit and welfare of the general public in question.

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