Golden Temple In Vellore

Golden temple in Vellore is known to be the most peaceful place to visit in Vellore. The Golden Temple Vellore is located at about 10Kms from the center of the city, Vellore is known to be one of the smartest and sprawling cities in India. It requires at least half a day to visit. As it requires your patience and time. And most importantly you are walking in with a huge number of people. Visit each and every area with a peaceful mind and time. The last leg will take you to the Goddess in full gold. You will get to see the pillars are also covered in leaf gold.

1. Golden Temple Vellore Dress Code And Some Important Instructions
2. Golden Temple Vellore Timings
3. Golden Temple Vellore Entrance Fees
4. How To Reach Golden Temple Vellore
5. Golden Temple Vellore Nearby Places
6. Is It Worth Visiting Golden Temple?
7. Golden Temple Vellore History

Golden Temple Vellore Dress Code And Some Important Instructions

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There are some important instructions that you should respect and follow while visiting, Men and women should be attired in a proper manner. It has a huge security system that defines no cameras, cigarettes, lighters are allowed to use inside the temple. Wearing outfits like Bermudas or middies, shorts, lungis are restricted. Consumption of any kind of liquor, chewing gum and tobacco is also banned.

This also shows that the system only wants you to meet God in an absolutely good way. It is a pure and very clean place. It includes small water streams to wash your feet. You will get to see something beautiful whenever the sun falls directly on the golden temple Vellore, A bright shining yellow marvel, and especially in the afternoon in summers when the sun is shining very bright, at that time you’ll get to know the essence of visiting golden temple Vellore, it glows more and looks perfectly beautiful. That’s why some people prefer the suggestion to visit the golden temple in afternoon.

Golden Temple Vellore Timings

Golden temple Vellore timings are 8 AM to 8 PM.
In Vellore’s golden temple there is something so pure and peaceful that brings peace within you. Maybe the ambiance of the temple that is so warm and full of blessings. Whenever you will visit, you’ll definitely feel so calm and sedate. And if you are visiting it for the first time, you will have a warming and peaceful experience, you will definitely love the place at once. One step in the temple and you would be transported to another world. It will let you dwell so deep into your inner self, you will get to discover yourself again and in a new way. It is a world of spirituality and inner peace. People visit with their faith in God and feel blessed by immersing themselves completely with their heart and mind.

Golden Temple Vellore Entrance Fees

There is no entry fee. Entry is free of cost.

How To Reach Golden Temple Vellore

How To Reach Golden Temple Vellore
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There are many ways to reach Vellore, you can travel through airways. Bangalore and Chennai are the nearest airports to travel Vellore. And as Vellore is a developed city with connected roads, there are many buses that run from Bangalore, Chennai, and Tirupati along with some main cities. You can also travel from railways, Katpadi, nearest railway station to Vellore golden temple. And to reach the golden temple Vellore, even some of the buses run from bus stand that is Vellore fort, the buses directly go to Sripuram golden temple. You will be happy to know that Vellore city is well developed and is connected via roads, rail, and airways. Everything is available, you can get taxi services in Vellore to explore the whole city peacefully.

Golden Temple Vellore Nearby Places

Vellore Fort
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There are lots of interesting places in Vellore is covered with lots of fascinating and interesting tourist places in Vellore district.

Vellore Fort is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vellore as it comprises other things and some other places that you should visit when you are planning a trip to Vellore. A Vijayanagar-era temple, with two museums and also two parade grounds with a church. Jalakantesvara Temple, Archaeological Survey of India Museum, Yelagiri Hills, Rathinagiri temple, Valli Malai. There are many stretches to enjoy in Vellore like Vellore-Katpadi, mostly in evening and night time.

Apart from this, there are several places that should be visited like, The Amirthi forest and zoo, the underrated place that is at a distance of 22 km from the center of the city. One should visit at least once when they visit Vellore

Is It Worth Visiting Golden Temple?

It is always said to be worth visiting the golden temple, it is the most religious place that makes you more humble and grounded. This will bring you closer to the reality. The way to give up your ego and moving in with full warm heart.

The most mesmerizing thing that you can’t miss is the first look of the temple. Never forget to miss that look. The look, the view, and the surroundings are so beautiful that for some people it is difficult to stop their tears once they enter the temple. The tears are of happiness, the real feeling of satisfaction and happiness. It is an amazing feeling, watch out the people out there. Entering with hope, with a new start. The love for humanity will rise. Traditional music is played all around. Feeling you close to God, the universe. The overall view of the temple is so beautiful, Peaceful colors around you and humans with pure heart moving on the marvels of the temple.

Golden Temple Vellore History

In Aug 2007, golden temple Vellore was built by the designer Sri Narayani Peedam. The temple cover 1500kg of gold. Another interesting thing is the Temple art is taken from the Vedas.
These things will tell you the real worth of visiting the golden temple. Will teach you the essence of time and peace. The worth of your life, the worth of your loved ones. And most importantly teaches you to be kind-hearted and helping person. It is worth visiting the beautiful golden temple in Vellore. As it looks amazingly beautiful. The history behind the golden temple is tremendous. People with different sections of every different society come to visit irrespective of cate, gender, race, and religion, they worship with almighty. Golden temple is always the symbol of peace, power, and strength.

So, to get blessings from God you must visit the golden temple, it is nothing special but the trust of people in god. That is the only thing that makes it very special. To get a positive life with new beginning many people come together with millions of hope in them, they come with a hope of being blessed with positivity and inner peace. Most of the people visit the golden temple when they are starting their new life and that gives them satisfaction and blessing.

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