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hindustan ke dharmik sthal


Tourists need to follow a set procedure to be able to go to Amarnath Temple Yatra for pilgrimage. It is important to get the Amarnath Yatra registration done before going to Amarnath yatra for safety and security as the tracks are mountainous. In a day 7500 registrations are made and 15000 pilgrims allowed. Tourists who are below 13 years of age and above 75 years of age are not allowed to take this pilgrimage. That said, newborns are not allowed on this pilgrimage. You can get the registration form for the yatra from various banks in India. To be able to apply for this registration you need a health certificate. The Compulsory Health Certificate(CHC) is a format that available online on all the yatra websites. You need to clear this certificate as this pilgrimage is located at a higher altitude where there is extreme cold, humidity, and ultraviolet rays.

Maa Kamakhya Devi is a form of Goddess Parvati. The temple dedicated to goddess Kamakhya is one of the shakti Peeth located in Guwahati in Assam. When Sati’s corpse was mutilated, her yoni fell at this place. She is the bleeding goddess who menstruates. Childless couple prays to this goddess for children. She is a tantric goddess who fulfills all desires and provides salvation. She is the bride of Lord Shiva who had come to this place in secret to copulate with him. It is said that in the month of June the goddess menstruates and the river Brahmaputra turns red at that time.