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Gwalior, a city in Madhya Pradesh is known to have temples, palaces, and forts. People used to believe that there is a haunted place in Gwalior fort. To know more about this haunted place in Gwalior fort, you can take Gwalior fort guide. This is an ancient city that has a rich history and architecture. There are many places to visit in Gwalior tourism like visiting ancient temples and many other places of sightseeing. You can visit temples and palaces that were built in the 15th century. Numerous dynasties have ruled the city and are known for its classical music and tradition.

Desolated places have an eerie feeling and a sense of the unknown with a history of traumatic stories. Every abandoned city and place have a grueling story of torture, trauma, and some kind of suffering. These are certainly not happy places where you feel the bliss. A place for Ghostbusters and people for the wanderlust of the unknown to explore. Those who love mysteries and ghost stories can explore these haunted places that are scary and have creepy stories linked to them. Most of the places have abandoned buildings which are haunted.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is popular for 11th through 13th-century castles, cathedrals, drinking culture, museums, Viking and Gaelic history, music festivals, art, literature, and pubs. Dublin is a cultural hub for a tourist who likes to get soaked in art, literature, history, and music. Places to visit in Dublin attractions include historical monuments, squares, food tours, gardens, and more. Dublin is a vacation to go for art and culture lovers who love to get a taste of this city in Ireland. James Joyce lived in Dublin and wrote Ulysses. There are many things to do in Dublin to have fun with your family.  One of the best places to travel to Dublin Ireland.