Queenstown Outdoor Activities: Relaxing Things To Do In Queenstown

Queenstown in New Zealand is known as the adventurous destinations in the world. It is a hub of water sports, winter sports, wine tours, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. Queenstown has a scenic view of the steep mountains and a crystal blue water lake on its edge. A hub of outdoor activities, you can visit this town any time of the year for adrenaline binging outdoor activities. Jet boat, skiing in winter, river rafting, bungee jumping, and almost all the adventure sports are available for you to experience in Queenstown.

1. 5 Best List Of Queenstown Outdoor Activities

2. Queenstown Weather

3. Places To Eat In Queenstown Best Restaurants New Zealand

5 Best List Of Queenstown Outdoor Activities

1. K Jet Queenstown Activities

K Jet Queenstown Activities
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Take a jet boat ride in Queenstown that is offered to you by the K Jet company. This is a fun thing to do because you get launched into the waters by the jet boat company you hire, and acrobatic tricks are performed on the water. They have innovative tricks for jet boating that make it more fun and adventurous.

2. Queenstown Skiing Season

Queenstown Skiing Season

In winter Queenstown is a must visit for skiing and snowboarding in the snow-capped Alps mountains. There are 4 ski areas from which you can choose. They have all the amenities and facilities that make skiing and snowboarding in Queenstown an enjoyable activity.

3. Bungy Jump Queenstown And Best Swing In Queenstown Activities

Bungy Jump Queenstown And Best Swing In Queenstown Activities

There are many bungy jumping areas where you can get your heart thumping for this adventurous activity. Go bungy jumping from 400 meters and more above Queenstown and flip and twist as you jump from this height. There are jump menus at these Bungy centers where you can choose you to the style of jumping. Canyon swing is a type of swing where you fall vertically and can choose your style of swing from the menu.

4. Best Paragliding Queenstown Activities

Best Paragliding Queenstown Activities

Get a bird’s eye view of the Queenstown by paragliding from Coronet Park. Launch yourself 5000 feet above Queensland and enjoy the stunning view of the mountain ranges, lush green, and the entire town.

5. Hydro Attack Queenstown Activities

Hydro Attack Queenstown Activities
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The mechanical shark boat is designed to let you experience diving at a speed of 40 kph and rising speed of 80kph. During this ride, you can experience turns and twists with a lot of speed that is thrilling. The shark ride shoots up in the air and also dives underwater. This is a unique experience that you can get to Queenstown.

Queenstown Weather

The weather of Queenstown is suitable for various outdoor activities and can be visited any time of the year. Queenstown experiences spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. You can explore various activities every season. Spring season is ideal for walking trails, mountain biking; summer for river rafting, cruising, parasailing, and many other water sports. Summers are longer in Queenstown as the sun sets at 10 pm in summer in Queenstown. Autumn gives a golden hue to the hills and mountains and is ideal for nature lovers and shutterbugs. You can go sightseeing in Queenstown in Autumn. Skydiving, bungy jumping, and many adventure activities can be done in this season.

Many skiing events are conducted in winter. Queenstown bustles with many skiing and snowboard from international locations. The lakes amidst the snow-capped mountains provide a stunning view in winter.

Places To Eat In Queenstown Best Restaurants New Zealand

Queenstown has multi-cuisine restaurants, bars, pubs, and bistros where you can go binging on food and partying.  There are many places that suit your taste and budget. These are one of the best restaurants, bars, pubs, wineries in Queenstown.

1. Queenstown Bistro

Queenstown Bistro
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This is a place to dine and has an outdoor setting. It is located in the Queenstown Little Italy. Enjoy the craft beers that are locally brewed and available at this bistro. Available are toasts, burgers, sandwiches, a variety of dips, salads, cocktails, and many other innovative and assorted dishes.

2. Fergburger Queenstown Restaurants

Fergburger Queenstown Restaurants
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This is one of the most iconic foods of Queenstown. There is usually a long queue waiting to get a platter of this delectable delicacy. You can order online instead of standing in the line. This is a gourmet hamburger available in most of the Queenstown restaurants. Freg Baker is an extension of the Fergburger and serves desserts, pies, and savories.

3. Skyline Queenstown Restaurant

Skyline Queenstown Restaurant
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Located in Gondola is a skyline restaurant which provides a stunning view of the landscapes. Relish the iconic cuisine of New Zealand at this restaurant. Seafood and vegetarian food is a part of this menu. This is one of the best places to dine in Queenstown when the sun goes down.

4. Taco Medic Queenstown Restaurant

Taco Medic Queenstown Restaurant
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This is the quintessential restaurant with a typical Kiwi menu, tacos, and fresh treats. For those who want to relish the traditional cuisine of the Kiwis can dine at this restaurants. Most of the menu has meats and this is a casual dining restaurant.

5. Botswana Butchery Queenstown Restaurants

Botswana Butchery Queenstown Restaurants
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This is a place that offers scrumptious meat cuts and seafood. Vegans and vegetarians can also find dishes that they can relish at this rustic-style restaurant. Serve your taste buds with a contemporary menu.

Queenstown is an ideal holiday destination for those looking for fun and adventurous activities. You can visit Queenstown all round the year and enjoy various seasons, activities, cuisine, and get a taste of Maori culture.

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