How To Board A Domestic Flight In India First Time: Important Points For First Time Flyers

Airports are busy places. And if you taking the flight for the first time then definitely you feel some kind of anxiety, but don’t worry we will help you to understand the domestic airplane boarding procedures. Nowadays airport check-in’s are not so hard as it looks, Every Airport has there separate staff who guide you to the airport security and check-in procedures. But before entering into airport premises just make sure you have your ticket and ID proof. Here we are going to discuss precaution while traveling in flight and the step by step procedure to get in the domestic flight in India for the first time without any panic.

Step By Step Procedure For First Time Flyers To Follow

Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Flight?

First Time Domestic Flight Journey Tips In India

  1. Travel Tips For First Time Flyers
  2. How To Get Cheap Domestic Flight Tickets
  3. How To Book An Air Ticket
  4. What Is A Boarding Pass And Things Which You Should Check On The Boarding Pass

Packing For First Time Flyers: Packing Luggage Tips

Precautions And Tips To Get To The Airport On Time

Flight Landed

1. Step By Step Procedure For First Time Flyers To Follow

Step By Step Procedure For First Time Flyers To Follow

  • Make sure you reach the airport 3hrs prior to the departure time of your flight as you are flying for the first time.
  • At the entrance, you can pick a trolley to store your luggage
  • You have to show your air ticket and with your original ID when you enter the airport.
  • Mobile Aadhaar can also be used as ID proof for entering the airport.
  • Once you entered the airport, check for your airline reception or airline help desk.
  • Every airline has their own reception center at the airport. Please feel free to ask for any kind of help or query related to flight.
  • Report to your airline reception, and they will guide you to go to the baggage check-in’s section.
  • Get your luggage scanned,  your luggage will be sent directly to your flight.
  • And if you want to keep your luggage with you, you can keep also but there is a limit of 7 kg only not more than that.
  • Once they tag your luggage, they will give you the boarding pass.
  • Things which you should check on the boarding pass, flight departure time, destination, duration of the journey, seat number, and gate number.
  • As you are traveling for the first, please feel free to ask for a window seat or any other specified seat near to your friends.
  • If you do not have check-in luggage, you can as well do a web check-in at the time of booking the flight ticket. This saves a lot of time.
  • If you do web check-in, you can collect your boarding pass at the nearby kiosk.
  • For hand baggage, get it checked and proceed to the gate mentioned on your boarding pass.
  • At this point, you have to cross the security before getting to the terminal.
  • There is an x-ray in which you have to place everything in the tray except your boarding pass.
  • Once you get through this check, you can collect your items and place them in your hand baggage.
  • Now you have time in your hand till you board the flight since all the primary procedures are done.
  • The gate number from which you have to take the departure will be written on the boarding pass along with all the flight details.

2. Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Flight

Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Flight

Once you are through all the procedures and checks, the final thing is to wait for your flight. Waiting for your flight can be fun when you choose from these following tips. It is a given that not all flights depart on time. Instead of getting bored, you can do these things to keep yourself entertained.

  • Go shopping if you have at least an hour in your hand. But a small gift or go window shopping.
  • Relish some nice food or sip some coffee.
  • Get onto social media like Instagram, snapchat, and have some fun.
  • Airports have a club lounge where you can relax.
  • Listen to some music or watch a movie on your laptop.
  • Bring on some interesting read on the Kindle.
  • See if you can get an upgrade to the business class.
  • Get some nap in the sleeping pods of the airport.
  • Drink a glass of wine.

3. First Time Domestic Flight Journey Tips In India

First Time Domestic Flight Journey Tips In India

3.1 Travel Tips For First Time Flyers

  • Keep all of your paperwork ready and handy.
  • Weight all of your luggage before getting to the airport.
  • Once on the flight, stow the cabin luggage correctly.
  • Look for the seat number on your boarding pass so you occupy the correct seat.
  • Once seated buckle your seat and wait for the instructions.
  • You will be asked to turn off your gadgets.
  • Follow the etiquette when on board for the best traveling experience.
  • On the flight, you have food, drinks, and entertainment.
  • Once high in the sky, you can enjoy the view if you get a window seat.

3.2 How To Get Cheap Domestic Flight Tickets

How To Get Cheap Domestic Flight Tickets

Always book your air ticket 25 to 30days in advance. To grab the best deal with min fare.

You can book your tickets online looking into the cheapest flights available online. There are many websites that have a booking of domestic flights with discounts and special services available.

You can book tickets offline also by going directly to the airport. At the airport reception, you have to share your details and they will let you know the available seat with the best available offer.

3.3 How To Book An Air Ticket

How To Book An Air Ticket

You can book a flight either through these websites such as Makemytrip, yatra, etc, or book directly from the website of the flight that you are taking like Air India, Indigo, Spicejet, JetAirways, etc.

Always register your mobile number with these websites you that you get updates of the PNR number, flights upgrade, delay, cancellation, etc on your mobile.

Book an E-ticket using any of these websites and check all of their rules for luggage, weight, and items that you can carry with you.

If you have an emergency then you directly go to the nearby airport and share your details, they list out the available suited flight for you. But this much costly than usual.

3.4 What Is A Boarding Pass And Things Which You Should Check On The Boarding Pass

The boarding pass is same like a movie ticket or railway ticket in which all the information about the flight is given. Like passenger information, flight number, date, to and from, terminal name, gate number, seat number and class information. This boarding pass is only given once you reach the airport. If you find some mistake, do consult with the staff.

4. Packing For First Time Flyers: Packing Luggage Tips

Packing For First Time Flyers: Packing Luggage Tips

Here are the tips for packing luggage for the cabin as well as hand luggage.

  • Carry the E-ticket copy, identity and address proof documents handy.
  • If you are carrying the luggage, go to the check-in counter, show the e-ticket and get a boarding pass first.
  • Luggage of 15 kgs is allowed on the domestic flight. You have to pay extra if your luggage is more than 15kgs.
  • Try not to carry any liquid items, crockery, and easily breakable items.
  • The cabin luggage is what you will carry with you on board to the flight. The weight allowance of cabin luggage is 7kgs for all the flights.
  • You can carry travel documents, gadgets, any cosmetics not over 100ml, any other toiletries and cosmetics more than 100ml go in the check-in baggage.
  • Do not carry any sharp items, inflammable, or illegal items in the carry on baggage.
  • Do not carry any edibles like fruits or vegetables in the carry on baggage.
  • If you have to carry razors carry electric razors.
  • Keep the carry on baggage light as possible.
  • Medicines and all essentials and fragile things go in the carry-on baggage.

5. Precautions And Tips To Get To The Airport On Time

Now that you have packed right, as a rule of the thumb get to the airport at least one or two hours before the time of the flight. This gives you time to deal with the traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, or any other impediments. You can take the cab to the terminal where your flight is booked. This saves a lot of time and prevents you from missing the flight.

6. Flight Landed

Flight Landed

  • Once your flight is landed successfully.
  • You can collect the luggage from the conveyor belt.
  • You can book the cab and, leave the airport by using the nearby exit gate.

Make sure you get all the information about boarding a flight right having all the documentation and the procedures sorted. You can have a comfortable journey when you have every detail in place and do not have to rush at the last moment. For the first time flyers, you can keep these things in mind to avoid panic and have a happy time flying keeping your anxiety pangs at bay.

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