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Christ The Redeemer statue is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is erected on a hilltop and stands tall 2310 feet above Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil. Christ The Redeemer statue facts are it’s a 98 feet tall statue and the largest statue of Jesus Christ designed and built in the art deco style. The arms of the statue are 92 feet in length. It is perched on Mount Corcovado. This massive statue is erected at the summit of the mount and is a wonder to the visitors as to how such a huge statue was erected at this mount. Christ The Redeemer history, the design and plan to build this statue were laid in the 18th century.

Christ The Redeemer History

Christ The Redeemer History

The Christ the Redeemer history is in the 16th century, Brazil was ruled by the Portuguese. They have given this mount the name, ‘Pinnacle of Temptation,’ by the Portuguese as it also has its reference in the Holy Bible. This mount was later renamed to Corcovado. Since then it was known to have been surrounded by dense forest and a path to this mount was opened in the 18th century. Father Pedro Maria laid the foundation and idea to build this statue on the summit of this mount in 1859. He consulted with the Queen Isabella of Brazil to erect this statue. In the 1880s the road was built and the site was inaugurated in 1884, October 9 by Emperor Peter II of Brazil.

Who Made The Christ The Redeemer Statue?

Christ The Redeemer statue was designed by a Polish sculptor Paul Landowski and built by engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot. One of the interesting Christ the Redeemer statue facts is the statue was proposed in the 18th century and the site was inaugurated, the real construction of the statue was started in the 1920s. It took 9 years to build and complete the construction of the statue. And now it’s one of the seven wonders of the world. It is made in concrete and soapstone and weighs 1400 tons.

How Old Is The Christ The Redeemer Statue?

Christ The Redeemer history is 96 years old. This statue can be viewed from the entire Rio de Janeiro city and erected on a pedestal that is 150 feet tall. In July 2007, it was listed as the seven wonders of the world. In order to reach the summit, you have to climb 220 steps.

How Was Christ The Redeemer Statue Built?

How Was Christ The Redeemer Statue Built?

This statue is one of the most iconic monuments of Brazil. In the year 1920, the construction of this statue began. After the mayhem caused due to World War I, the citizens wanted a symbol for the city that would retain the godliness of the city. Soapstone was imported from Sweden and the inner frame was constructed in concrete. All the material was transferred to the top of this mount that has scaffolding.

The statue was built bit by bit and assembled later. The water to build this statue was taken from the fountain that was nearly 900 feet away from this site. Later in 2003, stairs and escalators were added to this statue. Christ the Redeemer statue facts is it cost 3.2 million U.S dollars to build this statue.

What Does Christ The Redeemer Statue Symbolize?

This statue symbolizes redemption. It also symbolizes Brazil for what it stands for post the World War I. It symbolizes the independence of Brazil and its redemption from all the chaos and mayhem caused during the war. The open arms of the Christ symbolize openness to others welcoming people and visitors of the city with open arms. It symbolizes the greatness and protectiveness of Christ that is depicted through his open arms. There is an interesting Christ the redeemer history related.

Christ The Redeemer Statue Facts

  • The Brazilian Republic was formed in 1889 and this separated the church from the republic. To retain the godliness of the city this statue was built.
  • Originally a design was proposed with Christ holding a globe and across. This idea was received with ridicule and hence Christ with open arms was finalized to be built.
  • It is built with 6 million stone tiles and took 9 years to build it.
  • Lightning, rain, wind, and other natural disasters destroyed the head and the finger of the statue. It has been restored over years.
  • The original stone used was in lighter color and it has not been possible to find the stone of the same shade for restoration.
  • Christ the Redeemer statue facts is at the base, there is a chapel where people can get married.
  • In 2010 a few graffiti artists wrote on the arms and head of the statue and this was considered as a national crime.
  • There are various ways you can depict this statue. From far it looks like a cross, and from a closer distance, it looks like Christ inviting people to hug him.
  • This is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Why Is It Called Christ The Redeemer?

Why Is It Called Christ The Redeemer?

It is called by this name because Christ achieved enlightenment and salvation. In Christianity, redemption means buying back as per the old testament. This concept was written by St.Pauls in his letters that signified that Christ did not die but had attained salvation which delivered him from all the sin and gave him freedom from being captive.

Why Is Christ The Redeemer A Wonder Of The World?

One of the Christ the Redeemer statue facts is the mounts on which this statue was built have an odd shape. It was almost impossible to build a structure like this when the idea was proposed in the 18th century. It would have been impossible to construct such a huge structure on such an oddly shaped mountain. Hence this is known as one of the seven wonders of the world for its religious significances and architectural marvel.

What Is The Purpose Of The Christ The Redeemer Statue?

Christ the Redeemer history and the purpose of building this statue was to symbolize peace and openness of the city. It is the iconic landmarks and holds religious importance in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this statue is to depict the diverse religious lives and the openness and oneness of religion in the city. Post the war, citizens feared that the city would be ripped of godliness and built this statue to retain the faith of Christianity and what it stands for.

How Do You Get To Christ The Redeemer Statue?

Christ The Redeemer Statue Facts

Take the cog train as it provides the scenic route to reach this statue. It passes through the lush forest surrounding the Mount Corcovado and can be ideally visited in the month March to avoid the scorching heat. The train stops half way and from there you have to take a van to reach the top of the summit where the statue lays. If you love hiking, you can walk up all the way to the statue and reach the top. It takes a 2-3 hour hike to reach this point. Mornings are the best times to visit this seven wonders of the world statue as afternoons can get very crowded.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Christ The Redeemer?

It costs $43 per adult and $21.50 for children above six years of age. The fee includes round trips transportation to and fro after you have visited the statue. There is no fee for children who are less than 6 years old. By tram, it costs $61 per during the low season and $74 per adult during high season. It costs $48 for children above 6 years during the high season.

Christ The Redeemer Tickets

There are various tours and packages to visit the statue in the city. If you want to get a spectacular view of the statue and avoid crowds, you can take a private tour that costs less than $200. This is a personalized tour that you can take in a private sedan to reach the summit. This includes pick up and drop from the hotel. There are many other tours that cost less than $100 to reach the summit. You can book tickets online choosing the packages of your choice to visit the statue.

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