Things To Do In Phuket City And Place To Visit

If you are a water baby and planning to trip to Phuket: here is all that you need to know. Phuket city is a Thai island embraced by endless thoughtful beaches, bays, flavourful food, adventure, fiesta shows weaving it an ‘abode’ where beauty resides. Phuket island is rain loving province having numerous mountains, cliffs, and beaches. It has rich foliage and moisture. It is one of the best love for vacation and holiday memories. Lying in the arms of west Andaman sea, the island is a pure fascination in its blue shades. And there are lost many things to do in Phuket city.

This is a constellation of overloaded beauty with turquoise water and a melting point of all ‘mellow and marsh’, harboring glamour of nature. It is a place where crazy desires entail and your pink thoughts are tickled. Nature totally nests in its calm here. Shy lemurs, jackfruit trees, constant crashing waves amidst ferries reveals Phuket’s absolute glow.

Things To Do In Phuket City

Phuket Weather
Street Food Phuket City And Phuket Hotel

Things To Do In Phuket City

1. Phang Nga Bay Things To Do In Phuket City


Phang Nga Bay Things To Do In Phuket City

The outstanding and sheer limestone cliffs and coal grilled boulders amidst the green emerald water are sure to electrify your senses and will give you some tanned memories to relish later in life. The contrasting blue spread and silhouetted black shades unleash the beauty of rocky pinnacle.

James Bond Island Tour

It’s a perfect beach to soak up in the west sun horizon.

Kon Payee

It’s a beautiful village built on water slits. You can experience all hustle-bustle at one time and total solace at the other. There’s an extraordinary community flocked here.

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint Sunset

This offers you stunning views and perfects Milky Way visibility. If you are out looking for vibrancy coupled with romance, lay back at Phang Nga Bay intimacy Celebration.

2. Phi Phi Island Tour Things To Do In Phuket

Phi Phi Island Tour Things To Do In Phuket

These islands hold promise “City living done right naturally”, gifting a holistic experience of nature’s arms. There’s no hurry and only perfect relaxation in its cool waters and lovely shores. It’s a superstar island where ‘The Beach” was shooted. Purely, it’s a love at first sight and a large chunk of allurance and beauty show.

The rich foliage, huts, shacks, beach clubs, moist clouds, and calm water is absolute eye feast. Get ready to bath in this luxuriant blue lemonade show.

3. Bangla Road Phuket Nightlife Tips

Bangla Road Phuket Nightlife Tips

The midnight colors of Phuket city are rich, lively, and colorful with all vibrancy and street shows. The roadside is glamoured with pubs, discos, bars, ping pong show. An after-dark stroll will unveil you the wildness of Phuket and all-out assaults on your senses. You can also negotiate and shop for tinklers, wall hangers, wind chimes, wooden crafts. These petty and showy affairs will always trigger a memorable smell of Phuket in your mind.

4. Big Buddha Phuket Thailand

Big Buddha Phuket Thailand

On the top of Nakkerd hills, the creamy Buddha statue is nested with all serenity, divinity, purity, grace, and grandeur. This place will show you the real Thailand. A little close-up displays fluttering yellow flags in the embrace of delighted breeze around the Big Buddha. There’s a golden Buddha near it. People are often seen writing messages on its walls and pay off thankfulness and gratitude the holy grace. You can purchase some items of good luck and don’t forget to throw off a Sarong as you enter the holy place. So you are heartily welcome to enjoy divinity and being Buddhist in all Thai style.

5. Phuket To Similan Islands

Phuket To Similan Islands

Similan Island is a beautiful topographical retreat with amazingly blue seas and scuba diving activities. It’s a  pure heaven island. The island is so lively, colorful and has perfect coral visibility. This place is sailor’s fancy, playground for adventurers, and anchorage of loveliness. The coastline of the Andaman sea hugs varied lovely beaches like Nai Harn beach, Surin beach, Kata beach, Karon beach, Paradise beach that is conscious of sophisticated beauty in all its romantic shades. The nodding palm trees, the fineness of sand, beautiful sunsets will drench you in pure ‘paradise wonders’ and satiate your holiday brochure fully.

6. Fantasea Phuket Thailand

Fantasea Phuket Thailand

It seems to be wacky and weird but the traditional myths, humor, fantasy in all extravaganza and las-vegas style show will leave the trail of thorough Thai classic culture in you. The blend of artists, elephants, the collection of music, script, and plays is a healthy dose of entertainment and recreation. It’s a glimpse to Phuket traditions and native smell. The smart features and the heavy backdrop of Thai culture are well expressed in this fiesta show. Both young and old urbanites are intensely dissolved in the folk-pop show. The Phuket Fantasea Show is highly all highly entertaining package and Thai style. Don’t miss this awesome kick and check out this Thai culture show surely on trip list.

7. Elephant Sanctuary Tour Phuket City

 Elephant Sanctuary Tour Phuket City


This Elephant sanctuary also offers a rich animal-friendly atmosphere for animal lovers. These sanctuaries are ethical and a safe escape to Thai fauna. The fantasies of animal lovers are weaved keenly in this sanctuary. These Sanctuaries are good for trekking and, logging camps. The place is an absolute ‘love trance for elephants’. The Sanctuary and its big grey creatures are innocent and make you feel purely at Nature’s lap. You will certainly feel like the jungle child here. It seems as if these animals ooze out their stories as you communicate with them silently with familiar gestures and gentle strokes.

Get ready to feel the wild love of Phuket.

Phuket Weather

Enjoys a fair weather all around the year. The youth of every season is perfectly realized in its summer heat, monsoon winds, and messy humidity. Phuket rains are a connotation of delight and water romance. April experiences the most heated and boiled summers while September is the wettest month. Overall, Phuket sings the melody of lovely weather. The average temperature being 29•C in daylight and 27•C in dark hours.

 Street Food Phuket City And Phuket Hotels

Phuket Hotels And Street Food Phuket City

This Phuket city is an absolute food bank and boutique of all flavors. Thanks to the fresh herbs, which make its cuisines and culinary delights superb and proves to be a sensational food celebrity in Thai style. The food is passionately cooked and pleasantly served. Stop by some bamboo shacks and hut restaurants or some handy restaurants and woo your taste buds with exotic pad thai, som tam, Tom Kha Gai, for morning hunger craves. These delicacies have bleached dose and healthy combination of coconut milk, lemongrass, beans, sprouts, nuts, honey and garlic cheer.

At dining, you can have barbecued chicken, Khao Phad, massaman chicken, or chicken broth with delicious sweet and spicy sauces, perfect for Midday brunch. Phuket is impregnated with both posh and affordable hotels and villas ranging from USD 256-USD 300 (Luxuriant ones)and USD 54-USD 97(handy ones) but that doesn’t mean they have poor amenities and lagged comforts. The tourists can book according to their budget and are not required to empty their bank accounts.

The ‘Phuket package’ is all blue lemonade and raw experience of inspiration. The rich marine growth, dense vegetations, cliffs, blue beaches make you wanderlust. You just can’t have enough of its flavorful and Classic delights.

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