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Goa trip


One of the most romantic places to heat your love life and start with your honeymoon vacations in Goa. The mind-boggling scenic view of the coastal state is the perfect destination for your Indian honeymoon. An exquisite gateway that would raise your mood and the best escape after marriage. The wonderful beaches, serene weather and the impeccable beauty would be the best place to spend your honeymoon vacations. Romantic Beaches in Goa complement love and here we have 10 amazing goa romantic beaches that would spice up your love life.

Snorkeling is an underwater activity where you are given a face mask, a snorkel which is a breathing device consisting of a tube to breathe underwater, a uniform with swim fins that makes it easier for you to observe and enjoy the sea life underwater in the seabeds. Coral reefs are ideal for snorkeling in India as they have clear water and give you the opportunity to witness the rich sea life.

You can explore the seabed without a lot of training and experience. You will not need a guide to help you snorkel and enjoy the underwater sea life. Snorkeling is easier and less expensive compared to diving as it lets you explore life underwater in public beaches as well. The snorkeling gear does not cost much and is more suitable for people of any age as you can float around in the ocean beds and coral reefs and enjoy the underwater sea life up and close.

Goa is a celebration animal’s heaven as they have one of the better Goa nightlife setups in the united states. No wonder, it’s the favorite point for all your celebrities who prefer to bring in the brand new time in this lovely city. The town has very much to provide, from seashores to pubs to discotheques plus Goa club and much more. Read on for the best places to visit in Goa at night.