A Complete Travel Guide For Nashik Tourism: Nashik Tourist Places

Nashik the holiest city of western Maharashtra is known for rich heritage and cultural diversity. Many stories related to the Great Epic Ramayana are dedicated to Nashik Maharashtra and nearby flowing Godavari River. It can easily be summarized as why it is one of the popular tourist places to visit in India. One of the most admirable things to do while visiting here is Nashik Temple worship as the place is full of temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The old age architecture of the temples will make you feel delightful. There are many places to visit in Nashik tourism and one of them is Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Visiting Nashik tourist places are the beautiful experience that you will remember it for lifelong.

Places To Visit In Nashik Tourism

  1. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  2. Mangi Tungi Jain Temple
  3. Ghatandevi Mata Temple
  4. Triambakeshwar Shiva Temple
  5. Nashik Ramkund
  6. Kalaram Temple
  7. Sula Vineyard
  8. Saptashrungi
  9. Sita Gufa

Nashik Weather

Places To Visit In Nashik Tourism: Nashik Tourist Places

1. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Location: 88km from Nashik

There is magnificent aura at Shirdi Sai Baba temple. What people discover here day and night. If you are in Shirdi, you can’t go without listening to a story or a two about Sai from the localities. Explore the main attractions such as Dwarka Mai, the Sai temple, the ancient sweet neem tree and much more here. People who visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple does not go from here till they visit Singanapur. The aura and stories of this place describe that you cannot do wrong if you are a true devotee of Shani Dev. None of the houses here possess a door, which is an amazement in itself. One of the best places to visit in Nashik tourism.

2. Mangi Tungi Jain Temple

Location: 150km from Nashik at Baglan Tehsil

From all the religious places in Nashik Maharashtra, the place which is known for its uniqueness is Mangi Tungi.  The Mangi Tungi number of steps is 1500. The unique feature of the highly recognizable place is the confluence of two religious beliefs. One is the Jain religion and other is Hindu mythology. After entering at the Nashik Temple, you will feel enlightened. The famous belief about the Mangi Tungi is that Lord Krishna took his last breath here. One of the famous places to visit in Nashik tourism. It is also famous as several Jain incarnations have achieved divinity here.

3. Ghatandevi Mata Temple

Location: Igatpuri, 50 km from Nashik

Timings: Sunrise to sunset

The Nashik temple is dedicated to Lord Ghatandevi who is known to be the protector of Ghats. It is the famous belief of natives of that area. It is not about the temple only, you will see that spectacular view of Harihar, Durvar Utvad and Trimbak peaks. Moving little behind the temple is the Tringalwadi Fort, the fort is also majestic in its form. You can easily reach here from Igatpuri Railway Station. Best time to visit Igatpuri is in the month of Oct to Feb.

4. Triambakeshwar Shiva Temple

Triambakeshwar Shiva Temple

Location: Trimbak, 28 km from Nashik

The temple is dedicated to the Creator of the Universe, God Shiva.the place attracts numerous visitors worldwide as it one of the twelve places where Jyotirlingas ( enlighten image of Shiva) is installed. You will see a scared pond nearby in the temple which has its own calmness. The temple is most famous among other Nashik tourist places as it is the confluence of three peaks Brahmagiri, Nilagiri, and Kalagiri.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Timings

05:30hrs to 21:00hrs

5. Nashik Ramkund

Nashik Ramkund

Location: Panchvati, 2km from Nashik

The holy ghat is the main hosting point during Kumbh Mela. It is the major focal point talking about Nashik Tourist places. Thousands of pilgrims visit here daily for a sacred dip in the holy water. Researcher says that God Ram stayed in Nashik during 14 years of exile. There are various small temples at the shoreline of Kund for tourist to visit. It is easily approachable by bus or two-wheeler.

6. Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple

Location: Panchvati area Nashik Maharashtra

The Nashik temple is the most prominent Hindu shrine. The place is significant due to the presence of black statues of Lord Ram. It is the hub of thousands of worshippers daily. The front entrance incorporated Lord Hanuman Black Statue. One can also visit Kapaleshwar Mahadev temple which is situated nearby to it. It is also the palace where our constitution leading drafter DR BR Ambedkar took Temple Entry movement.

Kalaram Temple Timings

05:30hrs to 22:00hrs

7. Sula Vineyard

nashik tourist places

Location: Nashik Maharashtra, 180 km from Mumbai

It is the most popular winery spot to visit among other Nashik tourist places. Different species of grape wine is available her like Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Zinfandel. The yard is open all year for visitors to come and taste the real essence of wine. It is famous as a great winery being the first one to set up in India on such a large scale. One of the popular places to visit in Nashik tourism.

8. Saptashrungi

Location: 60 km from Nashik

It is hill range which is originally the part of Sahyadri Range. The word literally means confluence of seven peaks which makes it the most favorable place from other Nashik tourist places. Another mesmerizing view of the area is the water bodies which are 108 in numbers. Do visit the place to have nature’s blast. Saptashrungi Nashik temple is also there which is dedicated to goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini.

Saptashrungi Temple Timings

06:00hrs to 18:00hrs

Saptashrungi Devi Ropeway Ticket Price

Adult: 80INR

Child: 40INR

9. Nashik Temple: Sita Gufa

Location: 3.9 km from the Nasik Central State

As the name depicts, it is the place from where Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. The place has a steep and narrow staircase to enter the cave. After entering the cave at Nashik Maharashtra, you will see three idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Goddess Sita. You will also come across ancient Shivlinga which once worshipped by Sita.

Sita Gufa Nashik Timings

06:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Nashik Weather

The weather conditions in Nashik is extreme. On one hand, summers are really hot, while on the other winters are numb and chilled out. The rise in temperature during summers can be as much as 40-42 degree Celsius in summers while the drop into 5-degree Celsius which is enough to shiver. As per Nasik tourism, the ideal time to travel could be between October to March, as the weather is pleasant enough to explore destinations. The city’s weather becomes quite pleasant during rains, as it receives ample to drench and being loved by the monsoon lovers. The nearby places such as Khandala and others are enjoyed by the tourist who visits during this time.

In case you are passionate about traveling and want to discover many places at once, you should definitely give Nasik a try, as the places located here are nothing less than bliss. There are many other famous Nashik temple around the Shirdi Sai Baba temple.

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