Mount Abu Tourism: Mount Abu Tourist Places

Mount Abu is the lifeline of the wide deserted area as it is the primary hill station. All credit goes to the long Aravallis range which is the home of the Mount. The location is splendid in itself due to the prevalence of lush green hilly area. Once it is the most admirable destinations of the royal families of earlier times who explored it first on a large scale. Mount Abu sightseeing includes the spectacular elite houses, it actually is the bungalows with a mixed style of architecture which means that the area has an influence of both British form of architecture and royal families likings. There are many places to visit in Mount Abu tourism. The unique regarding the tourist place is the maintenance of the city sustainably. The natives are still residing here keeping the place intact with the evergreen nature’s beauty. And making popular Mount Abu tourist places.

Mount Abu Tourist Places: Places To Visit In Mount Abu Tourism

Mount Abu Weather

Travel Tips for Traveling to Mount Abu

Mount Abu Tourist Places: Places To Visit In Mount Abu Tourism

1. Guru Shikhar Temple

Guru Shikhar Temple

As the name depicts, the place at Mount Abu is known for the highest peak in the Aravalli hill range.  The height is 1722 approximately above the mean sea level. If you are looking for best Mount Abu Sightseeing, then Guru Shikhar is the right choice. One of the popular places to visit in Mount Abu tourism. As you enter the temple you can fell spiritually connected, the temple solely dedicates to Dattatreya.  You will also come across the temple which is devoted to Lord Vishnu.

Another temple one sees here is one for the remembrance of Ahilya. Due to its religious significance, the place attracts visitors the most. The most eye-catching view of a peak is a huge bell. The bell is itself unique in its character with the inscription of 1141 AD on it as if the original bell has been changed but the vibrant sound it produces still gives the same positive vibes on the visitor’s soul.

2. Nakki Lake

Mount Abu Tourist Places: Places To Visit In Mount Abu Tourism

One cannot complete the Mount Abu Tourist places without visiting Nakki Lake. The lake is distinct in its form as it is the first humanmade lake in India to be built. It is a religiously sacred lake with different stories related to the establishment of it. The lake is known to be the inhabitant of Garcia tribal people. One cannot neglect the fact that visiting the place is a lifelong experience with nature’s beauty at its best.

While boating at this exquisite lake, you will come across high-end hills and scenery. One of the places to visit in Mount Abu tourism for a couple. The lush greenery surrounding the lake will surely mesmerize you. We will be surprised to know that it is the lake where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were merged with the water and Gandhi Ghat was created alongside for the remembrance. One of the best Mount Abu sightseeing places to visit.

Nakki Lake Timings

09:30hrs to18:00hrs

Nakki Lake Entry Fee

Pedalo Ride: 50INR for 30 Mins

Boat Ride: 100INR for 30 Mins

3. Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple

If you haven’t seen the Dilwara temple at Mount Abu, then you have surely missed the opportunity to get yourself indulged in the highly rich heritage culture of Jainism. The place is one of the best pilgrimage sites for Jain followers and people who are looking to explore the religion. The most fascinating thing at the temple is an architecture of the entrance and the worship hall which shows the creativity of designers at the time of 11th century. The craved ceiling is marvelous in its form.

The Mount Abu sightseeing cannot be fully experienced without watching the entire temple. There are five sections of the temple namely, Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple, dedicated to Mahavir, founder of Jainism and 24th Tirthankara of Jain. The second one is Shri AdiNath (first Jain Tirthankar) Temple/Vimal Vasahi Temple. Other three are Shri Rishabdaoji Temple/Peethalhar Temple, Shri ParshavNath Temple, and Shri Nemi Nath Ji Temple/Luna Vasahi Temple. The temple is for everyone, and you can visit it for an enormous delightful religious experience.

Dilwara Temple Timings

06:00hrs to 12:00hrs for Jain Devotees

12:00hrs to 18:00hrs for Tourist 

4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

If you are searching for seeing the wildlife beauty at Rajasthan, Mount Abu Sanctuary comes at the top among other wildlife sanctuaries in the area. The place is unique as it is located at the heart of lush green forest hills of Aravallis. The Sanctuary is the home of different vulnerable and endangered species. The wide variety of flora and fauna is what makes this place worth to visit while Mount Abu tourist places.

You will definitely become mesmerized with spectacular avian species here. The location is heaven in itself with the presence of tropical evergreen forest at the higher most elevation as if subtropical are the foothills also known as thorn forest. Some worth watching species here are hyenas, Jackals, langurs, wolves, leopards and hundreds of different bird’s species. One of the best places to visit in Mount Abu tourism with family and friends.

5. Lal Mandir Mount Abu

Lal Mandir Mount Abu

The temple is located near to the Dilwara Temples along the road. It is a famous Shiva temple of the region. It is the one the famous Mount Abu tourist places and attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. As the name suggests, it is a widely recognizable temple with all walls painted in bright red color which beautify its appearance. The distinct idol installed here is of Shiva being depicted as Swayambhu and wearing Jenau. This a place where you can relax on your Mount Abu Sightseeing tour.

Mount Abu Weather

The weather conditions are not much extreme as compared to other areas of Rajasthan. It might be due to the hill ranges which helps in maintaining the extremities of the climate change. The weather is not very hot. The total range of temperature varies a lot. Calm days and cool nights are the characteristic features of summers. You can have the best Mount Abu Sightseeing at monsoon time. The little showers will make your day for sure. Winters can be cold to some extent as temperature sometimes falls below 12 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature reaches for about 30 degree Celsius

Travel Tips for Traveling to Mount Abu

  • Be prepared with your advanced hotel bookings to grab the highest possible discount until others take the opportunity.
  • Pack your bags with appropriate weather clothes either summer or winter to have a comfortable journey.
  • As Mount Abu is heaven for foodies, keep the focus on hygienic diets and eat accordingly.

In short, Mount Abu is nothing less than a heaven for all those who enjoy sand dunes and chilled nights with moisture. The only state which wakes up before the sunrise, and can be enjoyed best at the limelight with local musicians and singers.

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