Places To Visit In Kasol Tourism: Things To Do in Kasol Trip

A small village on the outskirts of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol lies adjacent to Kullu. A perfect blend of flora and fauna with an impeccable scenic beauty turns the palace one of the most visit destinations by tourist place in India throughout the year. The food, the surrounding, and the wonderful weather would keep you thrilled throughout. And not to forget the hash which not just tastes wonderful but also its aroma would captivate your minds. The Speciality of the place is not hidden and priced at such an affordable range with pure smoky flavors can tosh you any time of the day. There is n number of places to visit in Kasol and nearby. You can do a lot many things to do in Kasol.

Kasol Is Famous For

Places To Visit In Kasol Trip

Things To Do In Kasol Trip

Kasol Trip Budget

Kasol Weather

Kasol Snowfall Time

Best Time To Visit Kasol Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Is Kasol Safe?

Kasol Is Famous For

Kasol Is Famous For

The exquisite hash has a sweet smell and a spicy taste. You can easily opt to buy them at 2000rs for 10gms. Apart from the hash, Kasol owns popularity for food. We plethora of cafes and eateries attract the attention of the tourist in Kasol. Also known as Mini Israel, Kasol has a cafe where Indians are banned. Call it a tradition or rationalism, but Kasol is a place that witnesses a large crowd throughout the year with a wide assortment of parties by the same. The famous destination for hosting trance parties, This is one of the best places to visit in Kasol trip to chill out with your friends.

1. Places To Visit In Kasol Trip

Am excellent place that captures films of your minds, the moment you look at them, Kasol is blanketed by various places that mark the beauty of your visit. A town decked up with adventures, exquisite slopes, lush green surrounding, and the misty mountains are just a trailer. Here, we have listed places that you should not miss, while touring Kasol tourism.

1. Kheerganga Trek From Kasol Points Of Interest

Kheerganga Trek From Kasol Places To Visit

Kheerganga trek is one of the famous Kasol points of interest. A place that offers myriads of opportunities for trekking and camping, the Kheer Ganga Peak is enveloped with alluring landscapes and promises to provide a wonderful experience to its tourist. The 9km long trail would take you to the uphill. Once you are there, you can rejuvenate yourself in the flowing spring water. In Kasol trip you should try night camping, is the best experience you can have while being there.

2. Tosh Village Trek Places To Visit In Kasol Trip

Tosh Village Trek Places To Visit In Kasol Trip

Situated on the banks of Tosh river, the village rises at an altitude of 2400m. Offering myriads of scenic beauty, the village is one of the most visited places while touring Kasol tourism. Trailing and trekking from the Kheerganga would land you to the village adjacent to the river thereby mesmerizing you with its pleasing ambiance.

3. Chalal Village Himachal Pradesh A Popular Tourist Attractions

Chalal Village Himachal Pradesh A Places To Visit In Kasol Tourism

One of the popular tourist attractions in Kasol tourism. Regarded as an abode to the Israelites in Kasol, the village is the perfect blend of the traditional culture of Israel as well as the wonderful beauty. One of the best places to spend your day admiring the natural beauty and witnessing the exquisite atmosphere the village adds glory to your adventure.

4. Places To Visit In Kasol In December: Parvati River

Parvati River Kasol Places To Visit

The highlight of the place, river Parvati is something you cannot miss while in Kasol trip. Popularly addressed the heart of the place and the lifeline that supports life in Kasol, it gives a definition of the place and flows beyond boundaries. The perfect combination of the denim blue sky and the crystal water flowing makes this as one of the most visited spots in Kasol tourism.

5. Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

A place that overpowers the minds of the tourist through spirituality and induces a sense of faith in them. A sacred place that is considered to be the fuel of life in Kasol, the holy water is blessed with freeing people from bad omens. Places to visit in Kasol and dwell in its serene surrounding.

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Things To Do In Kasol Trip

1. Best Camping In Kasol Tourism

Best Camping In Kasol Tourism

The most elegant experience which even money fails to buy is camping in the woods of Kasol covered by pine trees. If you are among those who love wilderness along with serenity, then this the best things to do in  Kasol trip.

2. Trance Parties Kasol: Kasol New Year Party

Trance Parties Kasol Trip

Swiftly turning into a party zone, Kasol hosts trance parties that last for days or weeks. Away from the gutsy city and the noisy town, DJs occupy the woods to make you go crazy with all the help of music to hit the floor. A quick hike from the Chalal village would have you in the party area.

3. Things To Buy From Kasol Market

Things To Buy From Kasol Tourism

While on a backpacking Kasol trip, you cannot miss shopping the must-haves. The Kasol market is equipped with a sweatshirt, harem pants, patches and all you tripping requirements. While the seller would love to price high their accessories, you can choose to bargain as much as required.

4. A Romantic Date At The Evergreen Cafe

A Romantic Date At The Evergreen Cafe

Kasol after hash is known for its food and the best place to taste the amazing dishes is the Evergreen Cafe. The place gives a rustic feeling with ample music and excellent food, all for you at your table with a candle to add romance in your love life.

5. Parvati Valley Trek And Parvati River Camp Things To Do In Kasol Tourism

 Parvati Valley Trek And Parvati River Camp Things To Do In Kasol Tourism

Kasol is a paradise for the party lovers, but the thrill does not end there. If you are looking for some quiet place, then hop beside the river Parvati. Holding hand in hand with your partner, and walking beside the river could be the best thing you could do while touring Kasol Himachal Pradesh.

Kasol Trip Budget

Kasol can be reached from multiple cities and the cost of transaction varies from place to place. You can either choose to trail by bus which costs around 850 rs. Taxies can be hired from Delhi charging 11000 rs for the entire tour to Kasol. Apart from this, you could also go on a road trip with your friends.

Staying in Kasol can be as cheap as 500rs or as luxurious as 3000 per day. If you are someone who does not wish to spend much, a three-day trip would account for at least 5000rs and if you are on a lavish vacation, then the trip might cost up to 15k.

Kasol Weather

A beautiful place in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, the Kasol weather stays moderate. Winters calls for a cool breeze with the temperature drop at 3°, whereas summers experience temperature as high as 35-37°.

Kasol Snowfall Time

Kasol Snowfall Time

Winters are chilly, the cool winds can freeze your hands and if you are daring and want to experience the thrill, then only visit Kasol during the month of October-February. This time of the year, most of the roads go blocked due to heavy snowfall and only if you are physically capable of enduring the breeze, should you visit Kasol Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time To Visit Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Generally, October to June are the best months to trip to Kasol. However, if you cannot resists the cold weather, ignore the winter months and go for tripping after February. Pleasant weather makes it the ideal time for touring to Kasol

How To Reach Kasol Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach Kasol Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach Kasol By Train

You can reach Kasol from Chandigarh or Pathankot via train. The road distance between Kasol and Chandigarh is 310km.   Kasol is well connected to other major stations through the rail.

Nearest Railway Station To Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Pathankot at a distance of 150km serves as the nearest railway station for Kasol Himachal Pradesh.

How To Reach Kasol From Chandigarh

Chandigarh is at a distance of 310km from Kasol. You can either reach Kasol through a rail journey or avail a bus to reach Kasol. You can also hire private cabs to opt for a road trip.

How To Reach Kasol From Delhi

At a distance of 517km, you can either take a train to Pathankot or a bus that would stop you at Bhuntar. After that a bus to reach Kasol. This journey takes 50mins. Also, a flight to Kullu and then a cab would safely land you at Kasol.

How To Reach Kasol From Manali

Manali of just 75km from Kasol and so hiring a cab would take around four hours to reach Kasol from Manali.

Nearest Airport To Kasol

At a distance of 31km, the Bhuntar airport is nearest to Kasol Himachal Pradesh.

Is Kasol Safe?

A wonderful place offering a plethora of adventure opportunities, Kasol is one of the best places to visit I Himachal Pradesh. The perfect place to opt out of the mundane city life and dwell in the tranquility of the serene river flowing by marks the specialty of Kasol. A place that deems best for trance parties amidst the snow-capped mountains captivate the minds of all. So, plan your next vacation and admire the impeccable beauty of nature.

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