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Bhojpur is a historical town in Madhya Pradesh. The name Bhojpur is derived from the King Bhoj of the Paramara dynasty. King Bhoj was a scholar and a righteous king that made him one of the most celebrated kings in the history of India. He constructed many temples in Bhojpur of which only a few are left. One of the famous temples is Bhojeshwar temple, commonly know as Bhojpur temple. Here we learn more about the Bhojpur temple history, architecture, facts and how to reach Bhojpur from Bhopal.

  1. Bhojpur Temple History
  2. Bhojeshwar Temple Architecture
  3. Bhojeshwar Temple Facts
  4. How To Reach Bhojpur From Bhopal?

1. Bhojpur Temple History

Bhojpur Temple History: How to reach bhojpur from Bhopal

The Bhojpur Temple is placed on a mountain top and was built by King Bhoj in 1055 B.C. There is a Shivling inside this temple that is made from a single stone. The height of this Shivling is 7.5 feet long. This is one of the unfinished temples of Lord Shiva. Behind the temple, there is a slope, the rocks from which are used for the construction of buildings. This Shivling at this temple is the largest Shivling in India. The construction of this temple was stopped midway for the unknown reason. You can find the architectural carvings on the rocks of this temple that depict that the temple was planned to be built though it has not been completed.

2. Bhojeshwar Temple Architecture

The Shivling of this temple is built using three limestones and have been superimposed one over the another. The Shivling is placed on a platform that is in a square shape. At the entrance gate, there are pictures of apsaras sculpted. Over a few years, the damaged part of the temple has been restored and repaired. This temple is of national importance as per the archeological survey and is maintained and restored by the department over many years.

This temple has very large doors. Inside the temple, there are pillars of Uma-Maheshwar, Lakshmi-Narayan, and Ram-Sita. Inside the sanctum of the temple sacred rivers, Ganga and Yamuna are carved.

3. Bhojeshwar Temple Facts

  • This is the world’s largest Shivling made in a single stone.
  • A slope was built on the back side of the temple that was used to carry stones during the construction of the temple. This construction technique has not been used anywhere in the world.
  • Using this technique stones of 70 tones were brought to the temple.
  • This temple has a dome on the top as its roof.
  • On festivals like Mahashivratri and Sankranti, many people from different places come here to attend the fair and the festival.

4. How To Reach Bhojpur From Bhopal?

Bhojpur is 28 km away from Bhopal. You can take a taxi to reach Bhojpur from Bhopal. Only Taxi services are available apart from transportation buses. Bhopal has an airport. You can reach Bhopal by air and take a taxi, or a bus to reach Bhojpur.

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