Alleppey Boathouse: Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price: Booking

Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala visiting Alleppey and stay in the Alleppey boathouse and experience nature at its best. Alleppey Kerala is a popular backwaters destination for its scenic views. You can take a cruise on these boats and get the enchanting views of the surroundings. Enjoy the view of Alleppey tourism of the seasonal birds, pleasant weather, and the lush green landscape. To enjoy a stay at the houseboat chooses the right Alleppey houseboat package price that suits you.

Alleppey Houseboat Booking

  1. Options You Get While Alleppey Houseboat Booking
  2. Alleppey Houseboat Booking Online
  3. Alleppey Houseboat Booking Offline
  4. Tips For Alleppey Boathouse Booking Offline

Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price

  1. Day Cruise Cost In Alleppey: Alleppey Houseboat Hourly Rates
  2. Alleppey Houseboat Rates For One Day: Day And Night Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price
  3. The Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price For Couple
  4. Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price For Family

Places To Visit In Alleppey Tourism

  1. Alappuzha Beach
  2. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  3. Marari Beach
  4. Pathiramanal
  5. Edathua Church

Alleppey Weather

1. Alleppey Houseboat Booking

There are many Alleppey houseboat packages where you can stay between 2-5 days on the houseboat and cruise through the backwaters and canals. Alleppey tourism is complete when you stay on one of these houseboats. These packages include touring in villages and going on fishing and canoeing expeditions. Inside the Alleppey boathouse, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner. The packages include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cuisine includes fish items mostly.

You can book an Alleppey boathouse online after looking into the packages and amenities that come with the packages. Book you’re houseboat package in three steps. You first have to select the houseboat, look for the availability of the houseboat operator, and then pay and confirm the payment.

2. Options You Get While Alleppey Houseboat Booking

  • You can book a one bedroom, two bedrooms, or a premium houseboat package.
  • The Alleppey houseboat rates of these packages range between INR 7000- INR 20000.
  • These are air-conditioned houseboats.
  • They have a dining area, a private bathroom, a music system, television, and all the necessary amenities that you have in a hotel room.
  • You can choose from the food menu of the Alleppey boathouse for food and drinks.
  • Every package comes with a list of places that you can see cruising in the Alleppey boathouse.

3. Alleppey Houseboat Booking Online

Alleppey Houseboat Booking Online

Many websites are available that let you book a houseboat online. There are various packages ranging from economy to premium that you can choose from. Most of the packages are non-refundable because you have to book these houseboats a week before the cruise begins. As the cruise begins you will experience the village and local life of Alleppey. You can get personalized experience touring in houseboat viewing sights and other places in Alleppey tourism. A maximum of 6 people can be accommodated inside a houseboat.

4. Alleppey Houseboat Booking Offline

Finishing Point in Alleppey is the place where most of the boating house places are located to book a package. If you haven’t booked the package online, you can reach this place which is 20 km from Alleppey and book the Alleppey boathouse offline after looking at the packages. These houseboats start the cruise during the midday and reach the base at night around 8 pm or the next morning depending on the package chosen.

5. Tips For Alleppey Boathouse Booking Offline

  • Do not use an agent to book an Alleppey houseboat.
  • It is recommended not to book a houseboat in advance except during festivals and peak seasons.
  • Booking the houseboat offline gives you the opportunity to inspect the boat and then make a choice.
  • The boats of the same price can be of different quality.
  • Choose the boat after inspection as this can add to your good or bad experience.
  • Get a houseboat that has an upstairs deck as it can give you a better view of the surrounding areas.
  • Always inspect the mattress and bathroom before choosing a houseboat.
  • Check if beds have a mosquito net.
  • Get a complete picture of what will be served in the meals.
  • Check for the functioning of the electrical sockets inside the houseboat.
  • When you book a houseboat offline, you have the opportunity for haggling for the best price.

6. Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price

Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price

There are different types of houseboats that serve the specific needs of the customers. The houseboats have 1-10 bedrooms, and many other facilities. You can also choose from a honeymoon, business conference package, and a special cruise package. These are the price for various packages.

7. Day Cruise Cost In Alleppey: Alleppey Houseboat Hourly Rates

This is a 3-hour touring package inside the houseboat. It costs INR 1600 per hour. The cruise for this package starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. This boat ride includes breakfast and a few places for sightseeing. This is the smallest package that you can opt for to get the houseboat experience if you are short on time.

8. Alleppey Houseboat Rates For One Day: Day And Night Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price

There are many packages that are designed for 2-4 day and night. These packages vary between INR 13000 to INR 26000. These packages can also be priced lesser than the price mentioned here. It totally depends on the company from where you are choosing to book the houseboat. Do your homework well to get the best of facilities and packages for a lesser cost. There are umpteen houseboat companies. If you have time look into many houseboats before choosing the packages. This includes the number of places they cover and facilities that are made available.

9. The Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price For Couple

Enjoy the romantic stay at the houseboat and get the view of lakes cruising around in the houseboat. The package for couples starts from INR 28,000. This can be more or lesser than the price mentioned here depending on the type of boat you choose. Many luxury packages are also available that are priced more than the mentioned here. These are 2-5 day and night packages that cover a list of areas of sightseeing, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the houseboat.

10. Alleppey Houseboats Packages Price For Family

The best package that you can choose for a family is 2 days and one night. This package ranges between INR 12000 to INR 20000 depending on the type of houseboat you choose. This package is valid for a maximum of 6 persons including children. If you have an extra member who is a child less than 5 years old, it is added as a complementary option in the package.

11.  Places To Visit In Alleppey Tourism

Alappuzha Beach

Places To Visit In Alleppey Tourism: Alappuzha Beach

This beach has scenic surroundings. It has palm groves and is a good place for family picnics. You can enjoy parasailing, surfing, boat races, and motor boating. It also has ayurvedic and spa centers where you can relax, enjoy a massage, and meditate.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Located on the backwaters is a bird sanctuary where you can spot migratory birds. This is a place for nature and bird lovers. You can spot owls, waterfowl, and other exquisite birds.

Marari Beach

This is an idyllic beach with golden sand and picturesque surroundings. Fishing is the activity that can be enjoyed here. Enjoy lounging on this beach, parasailing, water-skiing, snake boat races, and surfing.


A scenic island that has a lakeside and a picturesque surrounding that spans over an area of 10 acres. Visit this islet for bird watching, and makes a perfect spot for a picnic with families.

Edathua Church

This is known as a miraculous church that is said to have healing powers. It has cured people with mental disorders and other ailments. Edathua church built in the European architectural style. It is surrounded by paddy fields and backwaters.

12. Alleppey Weather

Winters are the best time to visit Alleppey tourism. Winter lies between the months November and February. Summers are very hot between the months March and May and are not a good time to visit. Monsoon is between the months June and September and houseboats are not available during this season.

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