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sandy beach


How it would be If you get a chance to go to such a place that takes you back a century.

Sounds cool! yeah!

Homes that made in Mediterranean style, street bakery, greenery, and Ballard around.The white-framed windows on every house, the fragrances of different types of flowers from the gardens, the Royal and the fancy horse carts, the French cuisine, the beach strolling, or the voice of the church bell.

Ok! So Let me break it down for you. You will only get a chance to see such views in many of France’s cities.

But to get all this experience you don’t need to go to France actually. We Indians should be thankful for Dutch and Portugal because they gave us  ‘A Mini France’ in our own country, India.

Sri Lanka is a country for a variety of tourists. There are varieties of places to visit in Sri Lanka tourism like abundant beach destinations, historical sites with ancient civilizations, UNESCO heritage sites, national parks, and many places for outdoor and water activities. Sri Lanka holidays has diverse landscapes, rainforests, and is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Sri Lanka travel covers a variety of places with different things to do and explore a variety of experiences.

Earlier Mumbai is called as Bombay, it is the largest and highly populous city of Maharashtra. It is the biggest city and also known as the city of dreams for the people. It is occupied by the dreamers here people work hard whole day and night to fulfill their dreams as well as desires. There are many places to visit in Mumbai tourism. Mumbai is a place which includes all the struggling actors, Bollywood stars, laborers, and gangsters also. Majorly used language in Mumbai is Hindi but local people in Mumbai used to communicate in the Bambaiiya Hindi. There are a lot of things to do in Mumbai City. This metro city people are really warm and friendly. If you want to know the diversity of Mumbai you must travel once in a life. There are ample attractive places for Mumbai travellers.