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romantic place for couples


Kodaikanal is a hilly region in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. It has many cliffs, forested areas, and scenic places. Hiking, outdoor activities, and sightseeing are the popular activities on this hill town. For nature lovers, there are many idyllic places to visit in Kodaikanal tourism. Go cycling and follow the upbeat path viewing the nature and scenic spots inside this hill town. There are many Kodaikanal tourist places that you can visit and take scenic pictures.

Florence is a home of legendary artists and writers, and a place known for its architecture in cathedrals, monuments, historical fortifications, and other Florence attractions. Florence found its significance during the period of renaissance which gave birth to many celebrated artists and writers. Places to visit in Florence Italy are umpteen cathedrals, museums, and monuments known for their ornate interiors and decor. But there are many more other things to do in Florence holidays as follows.

Earlier Mumbai is called as Bombay, it is the largest and highly populous city of Maharashtra. It is the biggest city and also known as the city of dreams for the people. It is occupied by the dreamers here people work hard whole day and night to fulfill their dreams as well as desires. There are many places to visit in Mumbai tourism. Mumbai is a place which includes all the struggling actors, Bollywood stars, laborers, and gangsters also. Majorly used language in Mumbai is Hindi but local people in Mumbai used to communicate in the Bambaiiya Hindi. There are a lot of things to do in Mumbai City. This metro city people are really warm and friendly. If you want to know the diversity of Mumbai you must travel once in a life. There are ample attractive places for Mumbai travellers.