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delhi tourism


India Gate is a national monument located in Delhi. It was built in 1931. This is a memorial that was built to honor the soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. It is made in granite, yellow and red sandstone. India Gate was originally called All India War Memorial. This is one of the monuments built by the British in India. It is built in simplistic design and no elaborate motifs have been used to design and build this national monument.

The Qutub Minar was constructed in the 11th century. It is built in the Indo-Islamic architectural design and in red sandstone. Qutub Minar monument is a UNESCO world heritage site. Qutub Minar is built by Qutubuddin Aibak, this monument and dedicated to the mystic Sufi saint Chisti. This tower was said to celebrate the victory of Muslim domination in India when the Mughals ruled the country. It is located in Old Delhi.