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best beaches in the world


Exumas is one of the prettiest and lesser-known islands in the Bahamas that has clear waters. The Exuma Cays is where you will want to visit to view the breathtaking clear waters and the sea life. It is not easy to get to this destination either. The only way to get to this island is through a connecting flight from Miami. Snorkeling and water activities are the best done on this island. There are only two resorts on this Exuma beach Bahamas island, but the water activities are the best things to do on this Exuma Bahamas vacation.

Tahiti is one of the largest, scenic islands in French Polynesia. It has black sandy beaches and many places of sightseeing. Plenty of water activities and a budgeted stay on this scenic island attracts tourists. This lush green tropical island is a favorite honeymoon destination. There are lots of things to do in Tahiti vacation is about buying the authentic black pearl jewelry, outdoor and water activities.

Singapore is an island city that is located towards the southern part of Malaysia. There are many outdoor and water activities that you can enjoy in this island city. Singapore tourist attractions have many places of sightseeing, beaches, and wildlife. Singapore city is a global financial hub that has cultural diversity is a place to visit for its landscape and architecture.  Singapore travel guide will help you to find a lot of adventurous things to do in Singapore tourism as you can visit the gardens, Zoo, and many other places.