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Nepal is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. There are many UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal that you can visit. There are many things to do in Nepal. A place that is dipped in Buddhist and Hinduism blend of ideologies and faith. From holy places of visit to scenic spots, mountaineering tours, and much more exciting, Nepal is more than a tourist destination. This is the destination that is filled with thrilling outdoor activities, scenic landscapes, and many places of sightseeing and places to visit in Nepal tourism.

Aamby Valley is a township and a place popular for adventurous sports. It is located in the Pune district and is similar to an Italian city. It is closer to Lonavala and Mumbai. People visit this place on a weekend for adventure sports and fun activities. This city is just a 2-hour journey from Mumbai or Pune. There are many places of sightseeing in Aamby Valley. Skydiving in India is a popular sport that you can enjoy at Aamby Valley. Other things to do in Aamby valley city like, you can also do fun activities like rappelling, rock climbing, jungle safaris, driving ATV bikes, trekking, and zorbing.

Dhana is a town in Madhya Pradesh closer to the capital city Bhopal. It is the first destination of skydiving in India. Dhana Skydiving organized event throughout the year. You can choose from the packages for Dhana skydiving and take lessons before taking the jump. Skydiving is parachuting where you jump from the aircraft at a higher altitude. You can get the panoramic view of the Earth when you skydive. Though it might seem risky, skydiving in India is seemingly and enjoyable sport for the adventure junkies. There are many other places to visit in Dhana.